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CC Fax/Transmission logging for Duty Officers

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Us duty officers really need a way to see all the faxxes/messages that were transmitted to and from central since the start of the shift - Especially for those of us joining in mid round.

We had a bit of an issue during a shift where one DO had authorized command staff to discreetly card a rogue AI. That DO was on-off AFK, another DO (Myself) joins in midround, and about half an hour in gets a message from the AI stating it's just been kidnapped and stolen by intruders. Naturally, second DO asks about it, then sends a message to the station reporting this theft and asking wtf's going on, even though CC technically should've already known.

It'd be really nice if there was a verb to see a log of messages, or a console/machine in the DO ready room that printed out a copy of every message.

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