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Tim Woolery's tattered duster jacket

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BYOND Key: Timmato

Character name: Tim Woolery

Item name: Old Worn Duster

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Because of his size most of the clothing on station is uncomfortable, plus it holds sentimental value

Item function(s): Normal Exo-suit slot jacket, possibly slight resistance to cold as it is well padded. Possibly some inventory slots for a book and a wallet.

Item description: A large old torn duster that even though beaten and battered has obviously been cared for greatly.

Item appearance: Old beige/brown duster jacket that would go down to the knees. Many patches cover it and the whole left arm seems to have been replaced as it is slightly off colour. Maybe a waistcoat inside the duster.

Additional comments: First time doing this so if any more details are needed just ask. Would be nice to RP with this as the jacket his late wife gave him.

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