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  1. I've RP'ed with Johanson with a few of my characters and he always evolves around them while still keeping it believable with the character. One of the few people I've seen play an overly nervous character reliably and without it becoming annoying or over the top. I think he would be a great RP'er with an IPC as I have spoken with him before in discord and some of the ideas he has sound amazing. Also with the integrate part of the Fibonacci model it shows that he will attempt to speak with other characters and it seems as though it will have to evolve as it continues to understand th
  2. I approve of this, also adding formatting to the newscaster would be great, then I can make pretty posts about nerd things.
  3. This character originally started as a way for me to play still while other characters of mine were off doing RP STYLE THINGS but I've found myself getting attached. I would appreciate feedback if possible as Psychiatrist is one of those jobs that needs good RP and I strive to make Alistair a more 3 dimensional 2D spessman character. I also understand he is relatively new so some players may not have interacted properly with him yet. Thanks in advance Timmato
  4. Name: Tim Woolery Gender: Male Image URL: http://petitecurie.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/good-ol-rocknroller-beard.png (LOL) Avatar Colour: Red Character's Catchphrase: "God dammit, I'm surrounded by idiots." PLEASE MAKE THE FOLLOWING A REASONABLE REPRESENTATION OF YOUR CHARACTERS SKILLS Strength: 10 Agility: 4 Endurance: 8 Survivalist Skill: 6 Luck: 3 Here's hoping luck is as useful as it is on most RPGs it is officially my dump stat.
  5. I like the character description and her motivations, suddenly realising that she may be in too deep yet too proud/stubborn/incapable of changing her life, the character definately has potential and I appreciate Synnono as an RPer so I think this will be an IAA that I might not hate ICly maybe? But I do want to see where this is going and a workaholic IAA has potential to involve other characters and expand into the group of adorable little spessmen that litter the station. In summary its a +1 from me, as its not only a cool character but as Synnono said themselves "having her in a p
  6. BYOND Key: Timmato Character name: Tim Woolery Item name: Old Worn Duster Why is your character carrying said item to work? Because of his size most of the clothing on station is uncomfortable, plus it holds sentimental value Item function(s): Normal Exo-suit slot jacket, possibly slight resistance to cold as it is well padded. Possibly some inventory slots for a book and a wallet. Item description: A large old torn duster that even though beaten and battered has obviously been cared for greatly. Item appearance: Old beige/brown duster jacket that would go down to the knees. Many
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