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pAI suggestions, just a little bit.


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I think it would be neat if like pAI could do just a little more than be a little friend in your pocket that just yells at people and opens doors after a while, sooo here are some suggestions I thought of that would make them just a little bit more fun and useful to play as.

1. Camera bugging.

Maybe like have it take a little bit of time to do, but be able to track specific people or specific places on cameras around the station. Of course the AI would be alerted to this or else it would be no fun.

2. A music player :3.

Maybe like a piano or violin maybe any instrument to put on there just for some ambiance. Wouldn't really have that much effect on the round besides annoying a few people.

3. EMP pulse.

Someone randomly suggested this to me, I think it's a little much cuz it would pretty much be like killing yourself as AI, but hey I like to give ppls suggestions a try (~o.o)~.

4.Tiny stun laser.

Maybe have like a minute cooldown on it so you can 'protect' whoever you're master is. I personally would think it's a little meta but if it was like made to just slow a person down a little bit it could help people like security officers catch people more effectively.

5. A screen display that actually shows your screen display.

I wanna see my screen display change into a cat face when I change it o-o nuff said.

6. Disease detector.

Probably would just add this to the host scan, and not to the regular HUD. Would make sense to be able to detect a disease if your only scanning one person. And would just be neat in general.

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