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  1. +1 for antisocial space lizards, but in all seriousness Demon is good rper, and now that their backstory for lizard is fixed and it actually makes sense for NT to hire it I see no reason not to +1 it.
  2. The station needs even more O2, plus I rather like his security officer like the one time I was on the same shift as him. Soooo +1.
  3. I've RPed with his Chef and Tarj a few times and he stays in character pretty well, I'm kind of iffy about anything syndi related in the backstory, but it doesn't seem like it would affect his IC knowledge of syndicakes anyways. So in my opinion +1.
  4. Rped with a few times by drinking with, also nodding with. And helped fix liver few times sooooo..... +1. Has good premises with character background even if a little lolz.
  5. Rped with Paxton a bit, and can't really complain. They carried out being a cult leader rather well. So in my opinion +1 for Mini Nar-Sie.
  6. BYOND Key:Nanayanyanya Character Names:Maryln Zadovsky, Lyndsy Price, Eva Ward, Nish Nazushoslan (Ithink), Harmony Tedrow. Also a Minor role as Mouse King How long have you been playing on Aurora:Like 2 months I dunno I quit byond for a while and stopped going on stuff like ss13. Species you are applying to play:Diona(tree) Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:Yep Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question Why do you wish to play this specific race:I want to play Diona because first of all the station needs more tree people, and they're soooo cute as nymphs x3. But other than that I just like how they get to be as slow as they want to be and ask a lot of annoying questions about why people are doing whatever they are doing. Plus I think it would be neat if I could be born mid round as a nymph and grow up with all the botanist peoples who helped grow me. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:I don't think it's that hard to answer this question because...Well, you're a tree. It's pretty obvious what's different about being a tree and a human, but nonetheless I shall point it out. Diona are a lot slower than other species, mostly, and more naturally curious, y'know besides being plants. Oh yea and they're plants too which is awesome o-o. Also they don't really have that much of a culture so it makes it pretty free form on how they behave and is mostly determined by how others interact with them./b] Why does this species in particular hold your interest?: Because plant people . Character Name:Runs with Stars. Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs: Runs with Stars see's nothing....Then more of nothing...Suddenly See light, only a little. Light gets wider, and grows. It is bright now, too bright to see. Brightness grows darker, can see now. First thing see is green blue furred tan thing. It walks on two legs.... It seems happy to see me. Wonder why.....I figure out why when slip feeler out to collect sample. I can speak now, and now I understand what it was saying to me. I see it smile, and I talk with it. It welcomes me into the station. I scurry around looking for food, helping the botanist grow. I now have friends same as me. It has been a long time since pod, now I am grown, my limbs longer, and mind sharper. Do not like to move fast, or speak fast. I enjoy the craft into which I was born. I greet the plants I grow In my native language, sometimes help bring more of kin into light. Still do not understand most of what other species do, hard to understand thing called culture. I try to come home to the station every What do you like about this character?: I like that it's a plant :3. How would you rate your role-playing ability?: 6/10 would play again. I say this because Occasionally I just go complete derp mode and forget what I'm doing o-o. Plus I'm not as used to playing ss13 as alot of other people since I've only been playing for a couple of months at best. Notes: The anxiety is real. ((K done I think.) Also +1 if you like oxygen ^-^.
  7. I think it would be neat if like pAI could do just a little more than be a little friend in your pocket that just yells at people and opens doors after a while, sooo here are some suggestions I thought of that would make them just a little bit more fun and useful to play as. 1. Camera bugging. Maybe like have it take a little bit of time to do, but be able to track specific people or specific places on cameras around the station. Of course the AI would be alerted to this or else it would be no fun. 2. A music player :3. Maybe like a piano or violin maybe any instrument to put on there just for some ambiance. Wouldn't really have that much effect on the round besides annoying a few people. 3. EMP pulse. Someone randomly suggested this to me, I think it's a little much cuz it would pretty much be like killing yourself as AI, but hey I like to give ppls suggestions a try (~o.o)~. 4.Tiny stun laser. Maybe have like a minute cooldown on it so you can 'protect' whoever you're master is. I personally would think it's a little meta but if it was like made to just slow a person down a little bit it could help people like security officers catch people more effectively. 5. A screen display that actually shows your screen display. I wanna see my screen display change into a cat face when I change it o-o nuff said. 6. Disease detector. Probably would just add this to the host scan, and not to the regular HUD. Would make sense to be able to detect a disease if your only scanning one person. And would just be neat in general.
  8. Umm neon stuffs? k +1 because :3.
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