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NanoTrasen Employment Record: Zakiya Ahmad

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NAME: Zakiya Ahmad

DATE OF BIRTH: Apr 2, 2431

AGE: 26

SPECIES: Tajaran

SEX: Female

CITIZENSHIP: Republic of Adhomai

CLEARANCE LEVEL: Staff (Civilian)

EMPLOYED AS: Cargo Technician, L1; Janitor, L1; Librarian, L1; Cook, L1



HEIGHT: 157 cm (5'2")

WEIGHT: 62 kg (136.69 lb)

FUR COLOR: Bluish-gray

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: White stripes on her back

HAIR: Gray

EYES: Blue



  • Stated during interview long-term experience with wild game hunting and fishing on Adhomai, as well as experience with food preparation (Demonstrated in aptitude testing). Timespan of experience was not documented.



  • Apr 2457 - Contract signed. Assigned to NSS Aurora under basic civilian rotation - Cook, Janitor, Cargo Technician, Librarian, Assistant



  • Cooking (Showed good knowledge of food handling safety, and preparation of meals)
  • Information Technology (Basic course in console usage)
  • Heavy Machinery (Basic course in cargo equipment usage)
  • Hunting/Fishing



  • No arrest history or warrants.






  • Apr 2457 - Pre-Employment Evaluation - Healthy



  • Apr 2457 - Pre-Employment Evaluation - Mostly stable (See notes)



  • Showing signs of claustrophobia, not severe enough to warrant official diagnosis.

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NOTE: This post is OOC information. This information is not publically available IC, but some characters may have learned it from Ziva.

Zakiya Ahmad was born as an only child to a M'Sai father (Rayan Ahmad), and a Zhan-Khazaan mother (A'isha Ali-Ahmad), and raised in a log cabin her father built at the base of a mountain, near a frozen lake. While her family did live in a quiet part of the region, one of the nearby cities grew as she did - A port town called Kal'Tiiv. Her father worked as a hunter and ice-hole fisher, providing food for the home and income from the excess food he sold at market, while her mother worked for a corporate-owned logging operation in the nearby mountainside. As she grew up, Zakiya spent most of her time with her father, being taught how to hunt and fish, and how to survive in the wilderness, away from the technology and bustle of cities.

Whenever she went out hunting or fishing with her father, it was with the usual 4 or 5 others that made up the 'hunting party' that her uncle led. The team consisted of: Rayan Ahmad, her father; Zakiya Ahmad; Qusay Ahmad, leader of the team; Zainab El-Amin, a friend of Rayan and Qusay's; and Navid El-Amin, Zainab's son whom was around the same age as Zakiya. She spent many years working with her father, uncle, and family friends, learning the art of hunting as the M'sai were known for. Even as the only member of the party without white fur, she picked up on all the little tricks quickly, and Navid and her quickly became close friends.

When she turned 16, she had her first real taste of the nearby port city. Prior to this, her father had always left her at home when he went to market, feeling the crowds and noise would not do good for a growing daughter. Now, however, he decided (With a little encouragement from her mother) to take her with him to Kal'Tiiv, and teach her how to sell the meat and fish they had caught. Her first experiences with the city were both exciting and frightening to her, as someone who had lived her entire life separated from the hustle and bustle, seeing the same several people and the occasional stranger, now walking down a street packed with Tajara and even some non Tajaran races (It was her first time meeting another race, in fact). Rayan greeted and introduced her to a few other mechants he was friendly with, including one female whom also ran a fish stall and seemed to have a friendly competition with her father.

It was also during this first visit to Kal'Tiiv that a small Zhan-Khazaan family, with a rather rowdy son, came to Rayan's stall. While her father and the parents were talking, the boy had suddenly broken out in a fight with a nearby Hharaar of the same age. After breaking up the fight, Rayan and the boy's parents got into a discussion, and an offer was made to take the boy, called Latif Ha'kim, out on the hunting parties to teach him some discipline. The family, and Latif, accepted this invitation, and Latif went with the hunting party the very next day.

As life went on, and she continued to work with the hunting party and she came of age, her and Navid soon became more than just friends. However, two years down the line, they both decided that they weren't right for eachother in a relationship and became nothing more than friends once again. As Zakiya turned 20, Latif was still working with the hunting party, and the three younger Tajaran (Latif, Zakiya, and Navid) had become inseparable friends. Rayan had, at some point, taken over leadership of the party as her uncle grew too old for the work, and it was common for him to leave the three to handle their own hunting while he and Zainab went a separate way. Splitting off like this let them capture more game, and brought in a little more income each day from the market.

Five years down the line, when Zakiya was 25, Navid expressed an interest in taking a shuttle off Adhomai, and going to see the universe. He had heard of a company called NanoTrasen, and heard that they hired Tajaran and treated them well. Zakiya was reluctant with the idea at first, but after being pressured by both Navid and Latif to go with them, she finally gave in. The three left for Tau Ceti, where they had heard there were open positions in NanoTrasen, in the hopes of getting a foot in the door. All three applied to work for corporation, but only Zakiya and Latif were hired; Navid was denied after a bad encounter with a (supposedly racist) representative during an interview, and instead took up a job with a local business as a waiter.

Zakiya signed a contract, which would place her aboard the NSS Aurora for her first term with the corporation, floating among various civilian jobs until finding one that would mesh with her skills and dislike of small spaces, all the while wondering if she made a mistake leaving her home.

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