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Young woman found dead in her apartment


During the night of Friday the 26th, police were dispatched after receiving reports of a domestic dispute at an apartment block by the name of Jupiter Apartments. Upon arriving to the scene, the reporting Officers discovered the apartment had been broken into and there were signs of a struggle. Upon searching the destroyed living area, they discovered a young woman within the bedroom. The Chief Inspector is reluctant to give anymore details at this time but has assured that the name of the victim will be released as the case progresses. What can be confirmed, is that this particular case can be linked to gangland violence.

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Body identified - Gangland violence confirmed.


The Chief Inspector has released information regarding the incident that had taken place this Friday. The body has been identified as Jacqueline Forest, an individual involved in a people trafficking ring that was shut down one October of 2452 but had gone missing in January of this year after a prison transport vessel failed to reach it's destination. The Chief Inspector reports the woman had died due to asphyxiation after being choked by what appeared to a golden pendant necklace.

It has also been confirmed that the owner of the apartment is that of a Rebecca Black, Revvy to her colleagues, but her whereabouts have not been determined but has become the prime suspect in the women's murder. The Chief Inspector has implored that her loved ones, or anyone who recognizes her to come to his department immediately to report any recent sightings of her. It is also speculated that others may have been involved at the scene but forensics has yet to determine any conclusive information on this matter.

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Kidnapping at Women's Shelter



Last night an incident occurred at a Women's Shelter near John Avenue. It has been reported several women from the shelter were taken at gunpoint while severely wounding several of the staff members during the raid. It is currently unknown as to why these women were kidnapped but this has caused concerns for rising gang activity taking control of the outer parts of the city. The Mendell Police Department have insisted on reporting any suspicious individuals that may be loitering near public services or homes immediately and for citizens to avoid walking to their destinations during the later hours of the day.

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Outer Colony Slave Culture

There have been disturbing rumors of people traffickers forming a lucrative market in the cluster of colonies just out of reach from the powers of the Sol Government. There have been reports of people going missing and ships not returning from this region of space. Despite these raising concerns the newly elected Government has failed to make a comment on the situation at this time, but with President Chater's stance on Interstellar relations, most have faith that the disturbing turn of events will soon be rectified by the Sol Alliance.

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