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Scurra's Unathi Whitelist!

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BYOND Key: Scurra.

Character Names: Jackie Reynolds.

Species you are applying to play: Unathi.

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Black or dark-colored scales.

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yep!

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race: Being Jackie Reynolds is awesome and all, and I feel like I've already made a positive impression with her and hopefully no one hates my guts, but I'd like to have the whitelist underneath my belt to place as Unathi, the lizard-people! The reason I'd like to play as them is because lizards are probably my favorite animal, I actually have a pet gecko named Rory, and if you were to give me a character creation screen in any game, along with a race selection slider, I'd pick lizardpeople every time. They're just so unique and different from the other races, and I like to go by their standards.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: They're bigger and stronger, for starters. But I'm more interested in what an Unathi would be like if he or she were integrated into Human society, because I think it'd be a refreshing and really cool change than to see countless exiles or natives of Moghes. Humans are awesome, and we all are them, but I think I'd make a lot of good memories with a lot of good people if I were to be accepted to play as Unathi.


Character Name: Ro'la Vant'rass

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs Ro'la grit her jaws together as she desperately clung to her left leg, hobbling along the rubble as the sounds of distant screaming could be heard, followed by roars of victory. Blood seethed down her knee, and she was pretty sure that her leg was held together by little more than severely cracked and ground-up bone. She didn't know how she was still walking, but she was trying as best she could. Tears freely spilled from her eyes as she viewed her brothers and sisters alike slain all around her inside the crumbling building, and although she had no blood relatives to her knowledge, her people here were treated like they were. The sounds of the soldiers breaking through the door is alarmingly loud from behind her, but she can't let that distract her. She hobbles her way along the stone hallway, stepping through blood of her family alike, until she turns a corner and desperately clings to the wall as she moves along it. The soldiers of the main platoon have broken through now, the sound of the two large wooden gates falling to the ground evident of this.

Rol'a was moving as best she could, but she was starting to feel so weak...Her leg was still dripping blood from the massive hammer that a soldier struck at her with. She continues on, until she lets out a yelp as the hallway in front of her collapses in on itself, blocking her path and causing her to fall down on her back. She is momentarily stunned, but she can still feel everything, fortunately...She hears the soldiers roaring in Sinta'Unathi as she then whimpers and crawls up against the rubble, as if trying to squeeze away, though with her back to the heavy stone blocking her path, there isn't much she can do. She stares down the hallway with terror in her eyes as the Unathi soldiers come into view, looking around briefly, before they spot her. She lets out a shaky breath of horror, as they slowly begin advancing towards her. She knew that she wasn't going to get out of this alive...She didn't even know why this was happening regardless! This thought is suddenly ended as the group of hostile soldiers are barreled down by another squad of soldiers entirely, in a different outfit than the ones raiding her home. She closes her eyes as the fighting ensues. It's only for a few brief moments, followed by a terrified yelp cut short, before a large group of footsteps were heading towards her. She whimpers as she clamps her eyes shut, holding a hand in front of her. "P-...Please..." she manages to croak out, but instead, is surprised by a warm voice.

"It's alright. You're safe, now." Would be a smooth voice in Sinta'Unathi said to her. She whimpers and opens her eyes, to find that Izweski soldiers had arrived. She'd been saved...But things were starting to get blurry. She couldn't see straight, and she felt tired, so very, very tired...She lets go of her knee, the leg of her pants soaked with blood, and let loose a weak groan as she falls to the brink of unconsciousness. She's dimly aware that she's being hoisted up, along with the smooth voice that she had first heard speaking to someone else. "...-ell Clan Leader S’kresti Izweski that the orphanage was slaughtered. There is a little gi-..." would be all she heard, before she fell unconscious.

(I know it was supposed to be two paragraphs, but I'm sorry, it doesn't feel right if I cut myself off!)

What do you like about this character? Rola Vant'rass is a Unathi who only has one leg due to her losing it at a young age, and she's generally somewhat shy and soft-spoken, but she's mature and knows how to have fun, and forget about her terrible past. She was brought to the Sol system under special instructions from the Clan Leader of the Izweski, where she had to have her leg amputated. While in recovery, she respected and was fascinated by everything going on around her, and decided to take up the field of Medicine. I think Rola would be very interesting addition to the crew of the Aurora, much like Jackie is, and I only hope everyone else here who's reading this feels the same.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? I think I'm pretty average, but I guess my opinion doesn't really matter, it's what everyone else thinks!

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I like this character's backstory, and I have the strangest feeling her and Saite would get along great if they every met on station. I think some people might think she's a bit snowflakey, with what appears to be a 'lone survivor of a destroyed orphanage' story, but it's fine with me (Especially considering what a real snowflake would look like). The only thing making me hesitant about giving you a straight +1 is I haven't seen or interacted with your other character that I can recall, to get a feel for how well your play/roleplay is, but I'll be keeping a look out for them when I'm on. :D

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The back story is very detailed, I like it a lot and I would possibly like to see the chequered past come out in the character maybe as a hidden mannerism or social quirk when played. It would make for an interesting RP session.

I have seen Scurra play and have encountered Jackie a few times in game. I think this new character would suit from what I've seen from Jackie so far.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Sorry about the delay; I saw it and approved of it soon after you posted it, but left it up for feedback and suppose it slipped past the radar when I got busy. Application accepted!

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