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What the hell has Conspire been doing?

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Where the hell has Conspire been? Who even is this Conspire person?What the hell, no one even checks this part of the forum anyway who caaaares?

Not being a tree man? Yep.

Not glancing at SS13? Yeah.

Not even saying "Hey guys, I'm alive!" on the forums? Yessir.

But those are all things Conspire has NOT been doing. So the question remains... What the hell has Conspire been doing?

Well, my children (and even if you don't know me and I don't know you, you are still my child so don't squirm from my grip, newborn) I shall tell you. On the night of my high school graduation, I got in a car accident. No one was hurt, thankfully, but I... broke. Mentally, you know. It was the night of a major milestone in my life and all I could think during the ceremony was "Hurry this up, I want to get back to my spessmen". So when I was jarred from that mindset afterward, I tried to figure out what the hell I was doing. I was suddenly repulsed by the idea of spending 12-15 hours a day during the summer pretending to be a tree in space when I was 18 years old and supposed to be living my life.

So I unplugged my computer and forced myself to be a member of society. I was enrolled in college, for God's sake. Colleges want people that are "out there" and "doing good work" and "well-rounded." So I took up knitting. Yeeeeeeeah. Didn't go well. Took up learning to draw instead. Went a little better. I started to go crazy with different things. Learned card tricks and shit. I just needed something. Most recently I plugged my computer back in and learned 3D graphic computer art and animation. It's lots of fun, but I found myself still lacking.

Point, Conspire. Get to it. Right. Everyone agrees, real life before spessmens. Right now, I'm on vacation. Literally. To the place where two convicts escaped from prison (you may have seen that on the news. I could WALK to that prison from my grandfather's backdoor right now if I wanted). Going to be here for two more weeks. But I think perhaps I can rebuild that bridge I burned with SS13 now. Who cares what I do or who I am? I do what I can and I'll run with it.

But you'll see me around, kid, real soon.

Or maybe I'll see you.

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Damn it, man, I have missed you. It is good to see that you are well and a functional part of society. Not many of us could say the same thing about ourselves (I know I couldn't).

But yes, the absence of your trees was noted, can't wait to see you in game once more.

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((God damn you, automatic log outs))


I sure as hell missed seeing you around. I know what it's like to suddenly get that feeling of not being accomplished. For me it was drawing from the start that i wanted to learn. I still catch myself a lot doing things or playing games and thinking i should be drawing instead. It's not a fun feeling but the sense of accomplishement after a good drawing (which quickly turns to distain) is kinda worth the hassle in my opinion. And i hope it was the same for you, i for one would ADORE to see what you knit (knitted?)...and drew

but i mean, come on, knitting! you piqued my curiosity sky high.


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