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Paygrades, salaries, income etc

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I've been thinking about what a realistic income/poverty level for each of my characters might be, based on the work they're doing for NT and the income they'd be getting for that work. What I'm currently wondering is the following:

- What is the credit equivalent of 1 modern day USD? I.e., a loaf of bread that costs $1 IRL would cost how many credits in lore? (Answered - http://aurorastation.org/wiki/index.php?title=Economy)

- Does NanoTrasen pay on a fixed salary (Same amount regardless of hours) or on the clock (X credits every N hours)?

- Based on the paygrade tiers listed here, what is the salary/hourly pay for employees at each tier? How much is the extra hazard pay? Any bonuses/additional pay for things such as miners bringing in extra plasma?

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

You could come up with bonuses that you think are reasonable for your character, and with the costs associated with their living expenses as well as their general aesthetic.

I don't want to create an entire excel spreadsheet for corporate finances, but I also don't want to dismiss the questions.

And I'd imagine it's a fixed salary you get. NT has canonwise a super amount of control over your wages, but so far no one has to 'clock in' or 'clock out' anywhere at round start or end, so.

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