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Readme: Regarding Drama


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People need to calm down. I feel like a lot of people will be jumping to the conclusion that the administration doesn't want to deal with them based on how the last topic we had ended.

The truth (from what I can see) is that the administration doesn't want to deal with a lot of people because they're sort of being asses. Not because they're trying to sweep this whole incident under the rug (and like, good luck with that anyway. Everybody knows of this drama by now, and I don't think any of the server's admins are delusional enough to think plugging their ears and ignoring the issue will make it go away.)

But the fact is, a lot of people in that thread were being pretty mean with what they said, there was flaming, and well, yeah. It's just not conductive to proper discourse.

I'm not sure if staff are closing off dialogue on this issue forever, but I really hope they're not, and if nobody else brings it up again, staff or nonstaff, I'll seek to reopen it as soon as people have had time to calm down a bit.

In the meantime, don't think that staff are showing you the door, or wishing for you to fuck off, because I really don't think they are. The thread was just, getting impossible to deal with and everyone is good for a cool off period.

I'm saying this because staff didn't, and I don't want everyone to be mad at each other when there's no good reason to. Also, you probably want to have this locked because otherwise people are just gonna come here to argue about the issue again.

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