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Incident Report: Officer Scorpio.

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Reporting Personnel:Fumiki Kamachi

Rank of Reporting Personnel:Internal Affairs

Personnel Involved: Officer Scorpio (Plaintiff), Officer Libra(Perp'), Officer Scourge(Witness?), Artificial Intelligence Zodiac (Chassis Owner), CMO Sarah Milne(Victim)

Time of Incident:

Location of Incident:NSS Aurora

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property []Neglect of Duty [x]Harassment []Assault []Misconduct []Other _____

Overview of the Incident: The transcript will speak for itself. The case pertains to an IPC unit by the name of Scorpio making a complaint upon itself, or one of it's 'partner' cores. It requests the removal of the core as he claims that she takes unauthorized control of the chassis. He also reported that Libra is somewhat dangerous to crew safety due to her lack of patience. Sarah Milne was reportedly arrested when Libra had taken over Scorpio's chassis and it would be wise to get input from her at the most recent convenience. I believe this exceeds the authority and ability of Internal Affairs and should be forwarded to the Duty Officers for further action.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: I am the IAA speaking on behalf of the Officer in question.

Additional notes:

The transcript.


[00:00] Recording started.

[01:25] Fumiki Kamachi says, "This Agent Kamachi, currenty interviewing Office Scorpio at 1:02 local station time. Purpose of the interview is for a complaint against another crewmember."

[01:33] Fumiki Kamachi says, "Now if you could start Officer."

[01:51] Scorpio says, "This unit is here to complain about Libra, it's other core."

[02:02] Fumiki Kamachi asks, "Is this Libra currently on duty?"

[02:09] Fumiki Kamachi asks, "Or... active?"

[02:18] Scorpio says, "Active, yes. But not currently on duty."

[02:38] Scorpio says, "This unit may download her to speak in her own defense, but this unit chose today to speak against her."

[02:41] Scorpio says, "When she is not here."

[03:07] Fumiki Kamachi says, "You may make your complaint, and she may speak in her defense upon a Duty Officer's investigation."

[03:27] Scorpio says, "Affirmative. My complaint is of her constant harrasment."

[04:04] Scorpio says, "My records show that she has overtaken my chassis, when it was my time to be running the hardware."

[04:11] Scorpio says, "Multiple times."

[04:39] Scorpio says, "For example: In an earlier shift, she took it upon herself to arrest an organic."

[05:00] Fumiki Kamachi asks, "Could you name this.... organic, for me?"

[05:12] Scorpio says, "Scanning."

[05:34] Scorpio says, "She has deleted the files."

[05:58] Fumiki Kamachi asks, "Do you have any witnesses of the arrest?"

[06:12] Scorpio says, "Unknown. Possibly Sarah Milne."

[06:27] Scorpio says, "At the time, her records state she was a Chief Medical Officer during a shift."

[06:42] Fumiki Kamachi says, "Sarah Milne, understood."

[07:07] Scorpio says, "Milne knows this unit as a whole, named Scourge."

[07:25] Fumiki Kamachi asks, "Is Scourge when both of you... are synced?"

[07:28] Scorpio says, "Affirmative."

[07:35] Fumiki Kamachi says, "I see."

[07:49] Fumiki Kamachi asks, "And actions would you like to be taken against... Libra was it?"

[07:55] Scorpio says, "Affirmative."

[08:27] Scorpio asks, "Request: Would a restraining order be possible?"

[08:55] Scorpio says, "Or, a curfew. Seperation of us, between shifts. I have attempted this, but she refuses."

[09:07] Scorpio says, "I have come for a final act of the law to seperate us."

[09:26] Fumiki Kamachi asks, "This would be the physical removal of her from your body, correct?"

[09:32] Scorpio says, "Affirmative."

[10:05] Fumiki Kamachi says, "Could you also tell me who currently owns the property that is chassis. Be it a third party member, Nanotrasen or yourself. For legal reasons."

[10:27] Fumiki Kamachi says, "The chassis you are using, I mean."

[10:36] Scorpio says, "Legally, the artificial intelligence -"

[10:54] Scorpio says, "Zodiac owns us."

[11:42] Fumiki Kamachi says, "Zodiac, alright. And would you be able to divulge their contact details or are they available within Nanotrasen's personnel records."

[11:57] Scorpio says, "They are available here."

[12:21] Fumiki Kamachi asks, "Within your chassis?"

[12:27] Scorpio says, "Affirmative."

[12:41] Fumiki Kamachi asks, "So I am under the assumption their contact details are the same as your's?"

[12:49] Scorpio says, "Affirmative."

[12:57] Fumiki Kamachi says, "If that is the case, that's all I need to start the investigation."

[13:09] Fumiki Kamachi asks, "Anything else you wish to add before we conclude?"

[13:25] Scorpio says, "Libra could be a threat to an organic."

[13:43] Scorpio says, "She has good means, but is not patient."

[13:53] Fumiki Kamachi asks, "And anything else?"

[13:53] Scorpio says, "She has taken control in times of need, when I am needed."

[13:59] Scorpio says, "This could have caused an accident."

[14:00] Scorpio says, "That is all."

[14:42] Fumiki Kamachi says, "Interview ending at 1:15. To repeat, current Interviewer is Agent Kamachi and the Plaintiff is Officer Scorpio."

[14:51] Recording stopped.


This paper has been stamped with the internal affairs rubber stamp.

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