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Upgrade for Agent ID card

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Agent ID cards can be super useful, and they're one of my favorite antag items. But they don't work on PDAs.

If you put an agent card and update the agent name, the PDA messaging system doesn't send a message with the agent card's name. It sends it on whoever the owner of the PDA is.

Example: Crewmember John Doe is an antag. They get an ID card, put in the details: Name=Syndie Agent, Job=Tator. They send a message to the captain. The captain receive the message to be from John Doe (Tator).

Upgrading the card to overwrite the PDA names would be quite interesting, and can open up more roleplay opportunities.

Counter argument is you can get a new PDA to use the agent card on, and (it should) work. But that will require someone working at the HoP's office or RnD.

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I would agree with thism this is useful feature. I was surprised to find out, that on Aurora Agent ID is useful: it can rename itself in single time, it has maintenance access by default, it can scan other real ID for stealing their access.

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