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Unban Appeal - Miz045

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BYOND Key: Miz045

Total Ban Length: 3 days

Banning staff member's Key: Tishinastalker

Reason of Ban: End of round grief

Reason for Appeal: All I was trying to do was to rescue my botanist friend that was being physically abused by security after he decided to pull a prank on them. I didn't mean to grief in the end of the round. I did notice that I ended up shooting my friend instead but still if I mean to grief I would have probably shot everyone else as well and not just at the security guy that was dragging my friend. I do apologize if it looked like griefing.

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You were firing an energy carbine set to lethal repeatedly into personnel while on the Odin after the round had ended. From our rules:


-End-round grief is punishable by an automatic 3-day ban. The moment the shuttle docks with the station, all conflict is expected to end in and around the shuttle boarding area. (Escape and adjacent corridor).
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