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RnD machine access.


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This... is what bothers me as of late. The machinery making and access in science is always annoying or science having access to the machinery that they shouldn't even have. What i am talking about? The exosuit fabricator.

Now, of course this is more or less a trivial thing, but when ever i've seen RnD making machinery that isn't their job description to make or even know how to use it (unless allowed by RD or other command staff). They may as well just replace robotics, or let them have robotics workshop! (<-- sarcasticaly speaking)

So what i had in mind is to limit the science having access to the stuff they shouldn't making not allowing them to use the exosuit fabricator, so they start using words, to actualy ASK for stuff from robotics, or RD. Else they may as well make their own fabricator and forget about robotics, because we're no longer viable people.

Now, i know that Robotics can also have the possibility to use RnD console.. so why not let them NOT do that also? So that Robotics stay at Robotics, and Science is at science, and let there be some kind of teamwork, not just science come to Robotics, raid their machinery for additional resources, while roboticists is taking a quick bathroom break and finds that his window wall is broken into with a fire extinguisher, and vice versa.

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I have to agree. I've been pondering stuff like this lately, as I revisit SS13. There needs to be less 'barging into peoples department' and more 'asking for what you want'. I'd like to see job roles empowered individually, but access to other roles and equipment minimized, and trespassing taken seriously.

But in the case of the RD wandering into Robotics... they're entirely allowed to do so, it's just really bad. They should ask the roboticist for what they want, thus freeing themselves up for managing the department as a whole. If the RD is bored and wants to do a project, working WITH the Roboticist will make for better roleplay then doing it all yourself. Otherwise the roboticist will resent your lack of respect for their workplace, and using their often limited resources.

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