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  1. +1. Nacho is a cool dude, and has been around for a while. In that time he has never been in serious trouble with staff, as far as I know. He cares about good roleplay. He understands the mechanics of the game, and the code behind it. He plays to have fun, and not to win. And he can make realistic and believable characters.
  2. Because giving the machine race organs and bleeding mechanics, and joints that break like bones, is a step backwards. I can't tell exactly what giving them explicit joints does yet; from my understanding, you can damage them and that might disable limbs without having to directly damage that limb into failure? So the weaker frames get even weaker, and the higher durability of the tougher frames is rendered moot if you can just easily break the joints. Also, removing heavies from sec work? The thing they are most suited for? This feels like 'I accidentally made the most problematic IPC more powerful... so I'll just kick them out of sec'. Like, what. G2s aren't even good at mining due to their slow speed, and you don't take damage if you don't fall so their durability counts for nothing. Their one reasonable reason to exist was as secbots, where their durability is put to good use in the one field where you're expected to get attacked. So now they're 'more overpowered', but still useless as miners and now banned from sec. That's not to say I don't appreciate any of the work, time and effort kyres has put into any of this; I must restate that I do. EMPs being instakill is bad, just like any form of instakill for any race is bad. If EMPs stunned and put IPCs into temporary unconciousness, instead of massive damage, you subvert the instakill meme without having to fill IPCs full of bone and organ facsimiles.
  3. While I appreciate you trying to remove the instakill meta, this is just one more rework that moves the machine race closer and closer to just being a human reskin like every other race.
  4. I used to think Opamator was an okay HoS, and I would enjoy playing with him. Then I accidentally rolled antag. Opamator watched the Priest rush into the Chapel and beat my unarmed, unarmored cultist to death with their null rod, and didn't arrest them. They watched the priest commit murder of crew, who was not even fighting back against the priests assault, and turned a blind eye. This suggests to me that you, or your character, does not care about enforcing IC laws. You just want valids. Was an antag killed? Yes. Ergo; no crime. Right?
  5. Subjectively, and only for non-humans. Human characters accept that putting a helmet on squashes your hair in under it, rather than imply the helmet has a perfect hole at the back for your floor length braid to protrude. Even less silly hairstyles often clip ridiculously through the helmet. I, personally, do not want to see the change universally reverted, because this change benefits the aesthetics of my characters. That said, I also understand that having your squid tentacles and kitty ears obscured by your characters head protection is also an offense to their aesthetic. However, they are trying to wear human helmets and we have forced xenospecies to wear helmets as if they were humans instead of letting them wear their own modified helmets. Species specific helmets is the best solution, for all parties.
  6. More immersive solution; species locked helmets. A skrell could not wear the same helmet as a human, due to having to accomodate head tentacles, and similar for tajarans and unathi. A tajaran helmet would have inadequate space for head tentacles. Make human helmets cover hair. Make xeno helmets not cover hair, but reduce their defense slightly to represent that fact that the helmet isn't even fully covering.
  7. New players can't be command; new characters have already gone through orientation. Also, taking the Head of a Department out of their department at round start robs them of their chance to personally introduce themselves to their staff, and lay down ground rules. As HoP, you can offer assistance to new characters if you don't recognise them, but forcing them into your lair when they have a department to lead is bad. -1.
  8. It seemed like Kaed was suggesting a blanket policy of being harsher on Command characters who dare to interact with the station in any manner more personal than a message over comms. This seems like the sort of thing you should be handling on a case by case basis. Voting for dismissal.
  9. You want to punish the Head of Security for walking around? The CMO for doing chemistry? The RD for doing RnD? Yeah, how about no. Aprils Fools is over, please stop suggesting blatantly dumb things. The Heads should be cut some slack until they start breaking actual rules, as long as they are still making an effort to manage their department. And on that point; nobody is perfect, so address the behavior that's a problem when it arises so people can learn to be better. In fact being so completely hands off from your department that you sit in your office and don't actually do anything, is not only hellishly boring for a Head of Staff, but can actually be far more detrimental to the department because you're isolated and uninformed. Heads of Staff have department access, and are usually more knowledgable and experienced than their subordinates. We already discourage HoS on patrol when there's officers. We already discourage a CMO from sitting in on chemistry when there's chemists. We already discourage the RD from doing RnD when there are already dedicated scientists.
  10. Eridanis standard language is Sol Common, with Tradeband and Ceti Basic being secondary languages.
  11. I stand corrected then. Is the rod the most optimal dropping weapon in terms of damage then, or are there other objects that do more damage?
  12. The 'Rod Dropping' strategy in actuality is only tangentially related rods at all, and basically nothing to do with exploiting throwforce of rods. If rods had a disproportionate throwforce, you'd see people throwing them at each other on the station; like how you see people throw glass shards. Rods are just easy to make, and plentiful to anyone with a few sheets of metal. The issue is the fallforce of all objects; you could, if you were so inclined, kill the AI with sand, I'm fairly sure. If coders do want to adjust the fall force of objects to vary with their actual/approximate weight, they're welcome. The vulnerability of the AI core to vertical attacks should be valid, because the core is clearly designed to not have any multi-z defences, beyond a metal roof. The AI core has one layer of 'reinforced flooring' for its above and below structure; about as 'secure' as one layer of reinforced wall, but without any turrets to defend it vertically. True, yet literally every engineer already knows the exact location of the AI Core as shown by literally every Malf round ever in which engineers set an emitter to kill the AI, yet this is still permitted.
  13. It's only been done once ever, by a CE, that I know of. The problem is that people know about the strategy and some people really dislike it. An AI core is easy enough to kill just going through the frontal assault, and utilising the multi-z structure of the station makes it easier. Yet it's a legitimate tactic, despite really only a CE/RD/Captain being able to pull it off due to limited knowledge of the AI core. However, 'limited knowledge' doesn't stop every engineer knowing the exact spot to setup an emitter to guarantee an uncounterable core kill.
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