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Mutiny is not fun as head loyalist/mutineer.

Guest 1138

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Okay, let's be honest. The way mutiny is set up at the time is about as stupid as RP-Rev is.

I mean, part of the problem is how stupid xenophile-centric this playerbase is. Racism is extremely shunned and everyone pretends every race is equal. When they're clearly not in terms of civil rights in the known galaxy. So one of the three directives are immediately rendered null in terms of people actually wanting to follow it because everyone is suddenly a thought criminal for following orders.

Then you have the directive with 'fire everyone of this sex', which is equally stupid. You can't have your space misandry or space misogyny because you're literally hitler for following those orders.

Then we have one directive that is ACTUALLY FUCKING DECENT BUT ALMOST NEVER GETS ROLLED: The Bluespace Pathogen. In which, a select few of crew members are selected to be put on the chopping block. Okay, fun, PEOPLE ACTUALLY GET TO DIE HERE. DEATH BRINGS ON EMOTIONS. And it's fun to kill people! Wee!

But, real talk.

2/3 times when mutiny gets voted. There's no head loyalist for this. And I happen to know why.

Because it is super easy to be painted as literally hitler for only doing your job. It's not fun, at all. You're immediately made a target for which none of this is any of your fault and it's not even logical for people to think it is, even if they aren't given any information to suggest either point of view, for loyalist or mutineer.

It's immersion-breaking. Like, heavily immersion-breaking, because we're suddenly allowed to disregard roleplaying standard operating procedure on baseless claims and yelling loud enough hoping people can hear you say 'pls erp with me you beautiful catbeast'.

Not really, but you get the point here.

This is horrid. To top it all off, the end of round is determined whether or not the directive was set in place. Victory goes to, well, those that pursued for the greentext.

Which is stupid. Aren't we meant to have fun roleplaying meaningfully here? Instead of, you know, Lite Roleplay in a Heavy Roleplay environment. No offense to LRPers or anything, but come on.

How can the loyalists attempt to be the good guys and avoiding killing people to get their way as opposed to the mutineers being allowed to use any level of force necessary to robust the shit out of those filthy loyalists.

For greentext. For that shiny little medal of bravery.

So. My suggestion entails thusly.

Make the end of round reveal a random victory or defeat. Now people won't know what's coming as a result of their actions, like it should be.

This game mode has so much frigging potential, but it ends up ending on a horridly awful note because everyone thinks being a disgusting liberal mutineer is better because it's easier to achieve that victory by tankbombing+gibbing them for their gold star of 'bravery.'

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A solution to objectives not being engaging for players is to change them. Make "fire [species] because we feel like it" to "a [species] warship has attacked nanotrasen assets, detain all [species] until the matter can be cleared".

For the thing about putting women in jail or firing them idk about that, I feel like that objective is silly beyond hope.

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I'd have to agree with Delta here, the entire game mode seems to be:

  • Head Loyalist? Be an oppressive asshole.

    Mutineer? Oppress the oppressive assholes till you manage to out oppress them.


Not to say that it can't be handled well, as I recall there was the round where a certain head of staff that tried to defy orders and ended up getting shot for their troubles, again it seems like a rat race. And there have been many rounds where the head loyalist spends the entire time fucking around for their objective only to say, "Objective complete, all these people are re-hired and their accounts are fixed." Or some such.

I do support Deltas' idea though, a random chance of it being either a fluke report or a real one, instead of this rat race system that is entailed. Seeing as how currently the game becomes, "Who can be the biggest dick and win" which, frankly, doesn't sound very fun even on paper. It seems a lot more fun if the character has to say, "This is wrong/right and I know because I'm being told so/I feel it is. Lets just hope my feeling is correct."

There is beautiful fun in the unknown, as long as its handled well.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Scopes, basically the mutiny objectives are crap.

I sort of wished the lore team had been given allowance to create objectives for mutiny. "Fire all x" is no fun. Like Delta said, the bluespace pathogen is good.

And remove the 'win' condition. Make victory or defeat completely random for the mutineers.

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I'm having trouble understanding your first post, it looks like a rant.


Erm, that is true, what say we attempt to refine it all?

Mutiny rounds objectives collect disembodied private parts and fire them out of an air canon (they blow.) And the end game to this turns what would be a culture for beautiful RP to sprout into several single player games mashed together so that one team fights for the end goal regardless of the human variable.

Solutions: Fix the cocking objectives for the round and get rid of that damn end game system that congratulates the biggest assholes on each team.

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I got a few ideas. one: the ending backstories will be completely randomly picked from three different endings


1 the original "The mutineers are heroes. heres a medal" story that we have already.

2 the mutineers are captured and sent to Tau Ceti prison. the whole thing is covered up as a Syndicate infiltration

3 The Mutineers disappear. and a message saying "Have you seen these people" appears. this ending lets the players decide what happens.


1 the original "Loyalists are heroes they get a medal" story we have already

2 the loyalists are killed in a riot that happened in Cent Com shortly after the shift

3 The Loyalists disappear.

and heres some good objective ideas

1 (name) is believed to be a Syndicate operative. Detain him and interrogate him. if interrogation yields nothing in 1 hour than dispose of the Syndicate Operative.

2 (names) are illegal immigrants and are not supposed to be on the ship. have them interrogated and arrested. we'll handle the rest.

3 NT is in a deep debt. please get (large amounts of credits) and put it onto the station account.

4 We believe a invasion from the Syndicate will commence soon. all ERT teams are currently at the company golf and cannot help. prepare for the invasion.

5 (Names) have dug too deep. loyalty implant them or kill them.

6 Due to a Price drop in loyalty implants. 50% of the crew must be implanted.

7 Due to a big debt. the bar is too be closed and the bartender reassigned

8 All criminals must be debrained and shackled due to a heavy debt.

9 (department name) members are believed to be part of a organized crime. interrogate them and if in 1 hour the mafia is not found than loyalty implant them or kill them.

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