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During the war period, the Dal're region suffered the brunt of infantry and armor combat thanks to its value as a farm region; responsible for the vast majority of wheat output for the Tajaran public, almost all wheat farms were at one point located in the Dal're region. Because of this, once the Great War had ended, the area was unmistakably scarred by battle and almost fifty percent of the available farmland was deemed unusable by the farmers. Landmines scattered fields, artillery craters and makeshift entrenchments littered the countryside, and chemical weapons had left lingering stains that led the grown plant life to be inedible. However, the government at the time made a series of widely criticized decisions to repair what it deemed 'important industrial centers' rather than farmland. For a while, the decreased wheat output was barely noticeable; Adhomai was receiving emergency assistance from the Sol Alliance. But recently, with the last of stockpiled supplies gone and the Alliance cutting off support as it no longer considers the Tajaran people to be in an 'unstable position', a ghastly famine has gripped the entire planet.

To make up for the shortage of wheat, the Tajaran government decided to attempt to collectivize the agricultural industry with the impression it would boost output of not only wheat but most other resources. Tajaran traditionally employed collective farming methods, but recent decrees have named the produce farmed as property of the people and as such peasants cannot eat their own harvest under severe penalties. With the outspoken backlash against collectivization (viewed by many Tajaran as a return to the time before the revolution), harsh enactments forbidding the consumption of one's own harvest, the widespread killing of cattle, and refusal by many farmers to work - coupled with the loss of fertile farmland - what has been dubbed the Winter Famine has begun to rock the planet, and has once again placed the government and the peasantry at odds. It has been noted that the Tajaran government is refusing propositions of aid at the current time and only the countryside appears to be experiencing adverse effects of famine. The People's Army of Adhomai with the assistance of mercenary groups are keeping peace in the Dal're region and travel to the area is highly restricted at the current moment.

Following the onset of the famine, facts were suppressed by the Tajaran government, and it is widely speculated that it actually began during the summer months, at least four months before October. For the majority of the Tajaran public, information regarding the famine and mass exodus of farmers and peasants from the country side was intentionally kept hidden, but irregardless of attempts made by the government, word still spread and now large news entities are reporting on the situation. Harsh penalties have been enacted to prevent any further loss of population in the country side; Tajaran passports are nearly impossible for rural folk to acquire now, and all travel off planet is now highly regulated. Peasants cannot leave their farms without permission from the administration of said farm, and specific identity documentation is required to travel, which is in turn kept by farm administrators. In light of the information leaked, word is the Dal're region has been entirely closed off, and the Tajaran government is claiming that the loss of life and plant life is caused by a dangerous virus which has led to the quarantine of Dal're. Word from with the once-fertile region is now very hard to come by.

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'People's Manifesto'

All across the land, those who fight the fake government look to Adhomai's

youth to use our strategic position in the midst of it all to join forces

in the destruction of corporate greed.

We know the lines have been drawn and glorious revolution has touched

all of our lives. Our fathers knew that marches and protests would

not accomplish anything; revolutionary violence was the only way.

General Sash'tar taught us that revolutionaries move like hunters in the

snow. The contempt and alienation that the new generation has for this

government has created the snow for this revolution.

The hundreds of thousands of young people who died fighting to free us

from our masters grew to nigh uncountable numbers following the

government's forced starvation of our populace. The insanity of

'post war' politics has added to its list of atrocities every male

and female to die in the Highlands. We will stand for it no more.

In fourteen days we will attack a symbol or institution of Adhomai's

so-called 'freedom'. In this way we celebrate the efforts of those

who came before and the way they've inspired us. There has

been no question for a long time now—we will never go back.

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[Camera pans out from the back seat of a Monarch™ two-door sedan, when Junior pops up from behind the seat and folds his arms on the back dash, grinning at the camera. Dad walks by and ruffles his hair. Another family in the car shop walks by, and their son notices Junior in the back seat of a brand new Monarch™ sedan. The two children begin making faces at each other while Dad speaks to the car salesman.


Salesman/Narrator: Monarch owners are frequently amazed at the public's high regard for the car of cars, even after it has seen two or three years of service. That in itself is a wonderful reason for buying a quality value late model new Monarch. But, in addition, there is its great practicality. Many new Monarchs are priced considerably less than many medium and low priced new cars that are not their equal in prestige, fleetwood luxury, and safety features. Every window of every Monarch is safety plate, freeze resistant glass. So if you want a car that is economical to drive and to operate, and a pride and pleasure to own, make it a point to spend thirty minutes at the wheel of a Monarch soon.

[While the salesman/narrator speaks, panoramic views of Monarch sedans and convertibles driving through the streets or at a standstill are shown, highlighting the vehicle's retrofuturistic design and sleek curves.]

Dad: Gee, that sure does make the Monarch sound like the king of cars. His wife's been having so much trouble fitting all our groceries in our old People's Stationwagon. What kind of space does the Monarch offer?

Salesman/Narrator: Why, with the size of the Monarch's trunk, your wife will have no trouble getting what she needs to squared away, and then some. She'll be able to store at least three department stores worth of clothing, food, and assorted goods in the vehicle's cargo compartment.

Dad: Don't tempt her, he only has so much money in his wallet!

[Dad and the Salesman laugh.]

Dad: Well, this sure sounds like the car for him. Where does he sign to drive it home today?

[Camera pulls back as the Salesman leads Dad to his office and the scene fades to the closing title card, bearing the words 'Ride like a King in a Monarch'. Subprint stating 'Remember, folks, carpools help preserve gas rations for our loyal army as they fight the terrorist threat. If you drive alone, you drive with terrorists!'']

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[The scene opens to a grim-faced Tajaran female sitting in a news studio, the network symbol emblazoned in the lower lefthand corner. She stares intently into the camera as it moves forward and then folds her hands on the desk, nodding once.]

Anchor: Good evening. This is Kayuma Poslaza at ANN studios in Boltar. Winter is definitely here - deep cold has made travel dangerous, but the citizens of the North are coping, thanks to the many Adhomai Defense Force engineers working overtime to repair critical power stations that were damaged during the recent rash of terrorist attacks. The "Father of Freedom", the charismatic figurehead of the resistance movement, who has eluded our troops and orchestrated so many attacks on central installations, is thought to be responsible. Earlier today, speaking to a crowd of assembled soldiers, reporters, and political figures, General Taj'kar had this comment.

[Abruptly, the scene of a large, burly Tajaran male in full military dress standing behind a wooden podium replaces the newsroom. Flanking him on either side are two large banners that ripple in the cold, howling winds, bearing the Tajaran Coat of Arms. He has several bodyguards surrounding him. His voice is deep and commanding.]

General: All that this "Father of Freedom" character and his misguided followers are really achieving is punishing the citizens of Adhomai with these attacks - They have to stop for the sake of the people; we simply cannot get the food and power situation under control, nor begin to provide aid until we can guarantee the safety of the brave men and women of this administration.

[Pausing, he looks out to the assembled mass of people, and an offscreen reporter calls out a question.]

Reporter: General Taj'kar, Major Khazim has indicated that the situation will only be brought under control when the "Father of Freedom" is found and eliminated, and if this doesn't happen soon severe measures will be taken against any collaborators and all others assisting the rebel cause. What are your comments on that?

[Half-way through her question, the general is interrupted by one of his bodyguards as they whisper into his ear. As the reporter finishes talking, his expression turns pensive for a moment before he speaks again.]

General: We hope to resolve this in... a civilized manner without further collateral damage. We are here to restore stability to the North, not disrupt it... no further questions, please.

[Once again, the scene returns to the newsroom, and the female anchor straightens her papers on her desk before glancing up to look at the camera.]

Anchor: That, again, was General Taj'kar discussing the rebel threat. Log onto our website at http://www.adhomainewsnetwork.com to view the entire conference, which includes speakers such as the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Defense. We will be back after a short break. Please stay with us.

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March 19

She has arrived for basic training in the small border town of Tampinskya. The nearby People's Army base has been taken over by rebels and it is where we are stationed now.

The males and females in her unit seem to consist of a rag-tag group of civilians. It is likely none have ever held a rifle before.

Is our freedom really in the hands of simple farmers who have never before had to kill?

Suppose we will see soon whether or not they have the guts for battle.

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Today we were trained in the use of rifles. The firing range was a bunch of potato sacks on old sewing mannequins, and we only used dummy ammunition.

Our squad leader says that real bullets are too expensive to waste.

The rangemaster was impressed with her accuracy. He says he is going to recommend her for sniper training.

She wonders if they are just used to those who do not know how to use a gun.

It is cold, and the food here is bland. But tomorrow we must train more. The captain says the front needs more soldiers quickly.

Our units here are being fast tracked. She hopes they will not just toss us into the grinder.

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