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Necropolis Industries

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Type : Conglomerate

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): 2420

Region of Space: Sol

Controlled by (if not a faction): Robert Thay, CEO

Other Snapshot information: Originally Started as Necropolis Incorporated, a company devoted to making and improving cloning tech in 2420.

Became Necropolis Industries after acquiring two other companies through various means. (Ill make separate apps for the other companies if needed).

It currently encompasses three companies, Necropolis Inc., Boyd Arms, and ReapTec.

Long Description:

Necropolis Inc. was founded in 2420, four years after Zheng-Hu first made good examples of sentient cloning. The company got it's name from the funny, odd-looking proto-humans, that reminded Robert of Opium users, which lead him to the old book "Necropolis." They produced, researches, and sold DNA modification machines, and eventually cloners. Their first big contract came from Boyd Arms in 2431. The contract was to produce, install, and operate cloners for Boyd Arms internal security, the company's first multi-billion credit contract. Both companies seemed to expand in tandem after that, Boyd Arms would build a manufacturing station, they'd turn to Necropolis for their cloning facilities, giving the cash flow for it to expand, then so on and so forth. That continued until Necropolis started to run into security problems. In 2450, Necropolis Inc.'s HQ on Earth was bombed by a Radical Purist group, killing Robert Thay. He was able to be cloned, but his death and actual bombing of their HQ caused their stocks to plummet. Boyd Arms wasn't unaffected either, Necropolis needed to make cuts and drops after their prices feel, so the cloning facilities on Boyd Arm plants were being cut down as well, so productivity and protection dropped for them as well. In a sinking ship together, they merged in hopes to save eachother. Boyd Arms provided internal security and firearms for them, and in turn, their plants got all the staff and cloning facilities they needed. The pairing worked, and Necropolis Industries was formed, and managed to stay adrift. At this time, they sought to expand their cashflow and scope of their market by buying into the synthetic market. They do this by giving a helping hand to ReapTec, a dying AI development company. Taking a gamble, Necropolis Industries bought out ReapTec, allowing them to get the start up they need to actually produce and sell artificial intelligence.

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Right, this is a good idea, wouldn't be too hard to implement into the wiki, but the question is how. Is this intended to expand the current lore or is it intended as fluff for one of your characters. If it's the former, I would appriciate suggestions on how to tie it with the existing lore. Does this company have ties with NT or is it big-big company? If it's big-big, it should have ripples of its own, aside from being one of 'the manufacturers'.

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Im not going to lie, this was inactive for so long I up and forgot I even made this, funnily enough I was thinking about making an app about it again.

Anyway, no ties to NT, but its big. Any kind of intergalactic conglomerate is going to be big. I was going to do something like Sierra's KATANA thing, except I made 4-5 characters and an AI, that all ultimately got deleted in my character list because of thread dis-activity.

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I like this. Personally, with a name that shady, I'd place them as "that one corporate conglomerate that struggles on the surface market but has massive, hidden and almost impossible to uncover ties to the underground".

Basically, I think "The Syndicate, powered by Necropolis Industries" rolls off the tongue quite nicely. Thoughts?

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I never thought of that, but since they don't have ties with NT, and two of the three companies do have shady names, yeah, I think that could work. Id go as far as to say it'd be comedic that Syndi Ops would be funded by a company thats named after something that sounds like rotting dead bodies and the Grim Reaper.

((Although, fun fact, ReapTec started as a play on a name of some Fantasy lore I wrote.))

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