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(Apply here http://aurorastation.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=69&t=1033)

OOC:This is where employees can post their experiences, grievances and ideas. Aswell as the managerial staff making notices and other things. Just a bit of fun on the side.

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Welcome to Messa's Bounty! The authentic Biesel experience with an Adhomai flavour!


The establishment is happy to see you working for us, and thoroughly hope you will be a great addition to the team. We don't tolerate useless employees, and any deemed as so will be thrown out post haste, so work hard! With this, we will run through the dress code and recommended items to keep on one's person.

For those working the bar floor.

Those who are serving tables or drinks should wear formal attire that is practical yet presentable. This may include amish style suits, standard shirt and blacks pants (both accompanied by a waist coat or jacket) or something of a more feminine nature. It is also recommended to keep either a stun gun, pepper spray or switchblade on your person. Customer Remorse can be a dangerous situation and we expect you to defend yourself accordingly. It is also good to note that the bar counter has been reinforced to withstand small arms fire, so please retreat to the bar if the need arises. Underneath the counter you will find a pump shotgun with twelve rounds, these are lethal mind you, so be sure to hit the troublemakers and nobody else!

For those working the rooms.

Hospitality staff should wear humble yet elegant attire, be it a black dress with apron as an optional accessory or a three piece suit from the Adhomai selection. Stab proof vests are allowed if concealed, and the equipment recommended for Hospitality Staff is the same as the floor staff. You will also be given an emergency radio, for you will be working by yourself for the most part, the radio is linked with the bouncer's headsets and they have been implored to act accordingly. Obviously you are expected to hold your own until help arrives, to stun guns would be the most advantageous weapon to keep on hand.

We also pride ourselves in customer confidentiality, so any incriminating evidence that you may find in the rooms should be stored in a vacuum sealed bag and kept in the storage room for later use. Be sure to label the bag with the room name and the name of the customer if possible. You will get a bonus if said customer is rich or famous.


Bouncers should aim for a shirt and tie combo, with a jacket or stab proof vest. Though they are to look imposing, they should retain a certain level of class to avoid looking like hired goons. The recommended equipment for the Bouncers would be a concealed hand gun (if license holder) and telescopic baton. You are to ensure barred customers do not enter and that troublemakers are to be thrown out post haste. If the situation calls for it, the backdoor in the kitchen leads to a secluded alleyway and the custodial closet contains a white barrel labelled 'Piranha Juice,' use that if the lesson went overboard.

Kitchen Staff.

The dress code for kitchen staff is relatively average. The staff are expected to wear white shirts with cuffs residing two inches away from the wrists and black suit pants with an apron to boot. Hats are not mandatory and hair is not a concern, for most of our patrons are Tajara. Kitchen staff aren't expected to hold any self defense weapons, but are all given a personal kitchen knife that is to be kept clean and sharp. If the situation calls for it, there is also a stunglove kept in the Head Chef's office for emergencies only.

Maintenance crew.

Though there isn't a uniform, safety gear is expected. As for means of defense, we expect you to get creative with the tools you have at hand.

That will be all for now! Work hard, and earn us cash!

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