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Rapid Part Exchanger - Upgrades for All!

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Ok, mostly upgrades for Atmospherics, the Kitchen, and Medbay.

The Rapid Part Exchanger is a device on other servers that you can build in R&D. It's a large item (does not fit in a backpack) and it holds stock parts (matter bins, lasers, capacitors, etc.).

It interacts with machines that have stock_parts in them. We already have a few of these. The ones most people know are the autolathe, the protolathe, the circuit printer, and the mech fabricator, but we have a few others that people don't really know about.

What does upgrading to better parts do? Better matter bins means more storage space. Better manipulators means faster construction. That kind of thing. They, generally speaking, make the device better, faster, and more useful.

The RPE lets you rapidly swap parts out for better parts without having to laboriously deconstruct and reconstruct the machine you're trying to upgrade. It's very handy.

If I were to port this thing, I'd port the stock_parts to other devices around the station as well. Most of the ones I've been able to track down on other code-bases are stock_part upgrades for these machines:


  1. autolathe
  2. protolathe
  3. circuit printer
  4. mech fabricator
  5. gas heater
  6. gas cooler
  7. space heater
  8. cyborg recharger
  9. mech recharger
  10. biogenerator
  11. hydroponics tray
  12. sleeper
  13. cryo cell
  14. cloner
  15. DNA manipulator
  16. teleporter
  17. telepad
  18. packman generator
  19. research server
  20. microwave
  21. grill
  22. candy maker
  23. chem dispenser
  24. SMES


I really liked this thing on other servers where it exists.

It gives science a reason to go into other departments and talk to people. The upgrades are pretty useful, while not being overwhelming, and they increase demands on mining (as the highest tier stock parts require silver, gold, and uranium).

If I do this, I'm going to make it possible to construct and deconstruct all the things on this list as well.


If you're interested in knowing what the upgrades will be for specific items, I can tell you but I didn't want to write an enormous first post. That would be almost as much work as porting the stuff in the first place.

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Can we even actually deconstruct these machines? I remember not so long ago trying to deconstruct science outpost's chem dispenser and move it to research lab, and there was no way to deconstruct.

That might require some work to 'upgrade' these machines to allow deconstructing and upgrading them.

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