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HONK HONK - We're creating a monster - HONK HONK

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[6:16:19 PM] Sierra "KOMODO" Brown: And of course everyone's favorite AI, Katana

[6:16:20 PM] Sierra "KOMODO" Brown: :P

[6:16:21 PM] Doomberg: Yes.

[6:16:29 PM] Doomberg: We don't speak about the OTHER AI.

[6:16:36 PM] Sierra "KOMODO" Brown: Kunai no longer exists

[6:16:50 PM] Doomberg: Make another called Naginata.

[6:16:56 PM] Sierra "KOMODO" Brown: I was thinking Wackyzashi

[6:17:03 PM] Doomberg: Wakizashi. Yes.

[6:17:11 PM] Sierra "KOMODO" Brown: No, Wackyzashi

[6:17:15 PM] Doomberg: oh god.

[6:17:15 PM] Sierra "KOMODO" Brown: Clown in AI form

[6:17:26 PM] Sierra "KOMODO" Brown: HONK HONK - Wackyzashi online. - HONK HONK

[6:17:33 PM] Doomberg: whyyyyy

[6:17:47 PM] Sierra "KOMODO" Brown: I'm totally doing this now

[6:18:32 PM] Sierra "KOMODO" Brown: Now imagine it's like the AI announcement sound bytes

[6:18:37 PM] Sierra "KOMODO" Brown: Except instead of WOOP WOOP

[6:18:39 PM] Sierra "KOMODO" Brown: You get HONK HONK

[6:18:42 PM] Doomberg: NO.

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