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Tell Me About Yourself

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This has been a thread that I've written, erased, and thought about making, dozens upon dozens of times. This sentence has also been the exact same opening every time I typed it up too, believe it or not. Basically, let people know more about you in this thread. We know the more well-known players pretty well (or do you?) but some people never get noticed, or people just don't much about them.

Maybe you'll learn something about somebody. Maybe you won't, but it's always cool to at least read what people have to say about themselves.

Without further stalling, I'll kick it off so somebody isn't waiting for somebody else to.

The Boring Life Story of Poo-Poo Head

As most of you know, I am a male eighteen year old rising high-school senior, who resides in North Carolina. Most of you also probably know that I'm Asian, what you didn't know, is that my mother is actually white, and my father is Filipino, so no full-Asian, even though I rarely will admit this, because it's more fun that way. I used to avidly go to my Baptist church services, but in recent years, it has become less and less frequent, by sheer laziness and staying up too late on Saturdays (much like tonight).

I was a very shy kid up until my fifth grade year. My closest friends were either in the other middle-school, or were in different classes in sixth grade, but I knew people liked the "out-going" person, so long story short, I overdid it. High-school came along four years ago, and I knew I had to straighten up. I'd assume I found a happy median, but I dunno. Maybe things will change again next year, when new things in college shape my life.

There were a few important events in my life so far, such as Cub/Boy Scouts, that went from my early elementary to my late middle school days as a little lad. Going to speech therapy to fix my speech impediment (I was unable to really give "emotion" in my voice which led to it being fixed in a monotone manner, along with pronouncing the letters s, r, and the "th" sound, for a reason I don't know to this day) for a few years probably was another important event, seeing as it's luckily kept me from sounding too dumb. The last event is probably where things take a darker path, and is probably what set my career choice in motion. The day being September 11th, 2001.

Without going into too much detail, I was still young, but I distinctly can remember my mother crying in front of a TV. All I knew at the time was that I wanted "my mommy" to stop crying. While some of you may think to yourself and say "you were only like, four or five. You don't remember that," I still believe it put a hefty impact on my life. I wanted a way to have people not feel like "my mommy" did at that time.

Over the years, I talked about the military. At the ripe age of seven I told my family at a family gathering (according to multiple family members, of course) that I was going to join the Army, with your regular seven year old naivety. I didn't really know what I wanted to do in the Army, I just knew "they are fighting the bad guys, so I want to be like them". Soldiers spoke to me, told me why I shouldn't join the military and, nope my stubborn child self didn't change. I wanted to be a combat medic. That's what I wanted from about eight, to twelve. I wanted to be a combat medic, so I could help the soldiers who got hurt, but also "kill the bad guys". I remember my closest friend at the time (who is still one of my closest friends today), telling me that I couldn't die in the Army until we saw each other again because he supposedly wanted to join at the same time I was at the time, when we finished fifth grade. It's really cheesy now, but then it was some oath of honor type shit.

Skip two or three years, and I had decided that I was going to become a "Green Beret Medical Sergeant", so all Special Force-ery. It was also then I decided I was going to West Point, which peaked with my going to New York to visit West Point at one point. I was about fifteen and a half when I really had to sit down and go over things. I realized I wasn't a warrior, that I couldn't be the guy who walked away without issue from a warzone. Sure, I could kill people for my country, but it wasn't something I could do as easily as others may. I had always pursed some sort of medical path in the military, as noted from my early call-outs to that. Along with that, I had always really been into psychology, or at the very basics. I still wanted to help people, wanted to do something military-medical related, and liked psychology. So, there was one thing I knew I could do, which is becoming a military psychiatrist, which happens to be what I still plan to do, with majoring in psychology, and minoring in biology, while taking pre-med hopefully.

Hold the phone, Voltage wants anything to do with doctors, let along becoming a shrink? Yes, basically. As I stated near the start, I wanted to be able to "keep people from feeling what my mother was" at that day. I wanted to be a hero, as cheesy and generic as it is. In the end though, I know that becoming a "hero" is a near impossible feat, on a global scale. That said, I want to at least become one person's "hero". If I'm able to save one person's life, or know that I made somebody's life better just by helping them, and I knew I bettered their life, I'd be perfectly content with dying at any second. That point hasn't come yet though, so I can't die just yet (sorry guiz).


So, that's that. It turned out a lot longer, and more clunky that I'd intended the first twenty times I wanted to type this thread up. It also kinda looks a lot more about my life story than telling much about me, which is my bad there. I hope it tells at least a little bit more about me, at least the first few parts.

Of course, I don't want this to be just about me. I'd love to see you guys tell more about yourself as well, although you don't have to nearly going into as much detail as I have (although you can).

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I am 16 and in college because High School has put me in therapy so I skipped a few grades with some really good test scores (but F's on all parts of my report cards).

I hate my brother because he makes me do everything for him that involves moving stuff around the house. I only see him at 4am when he comes home wasted and I have to cover for him.

I feel threatened by the sound of my mom's voice because I am threatened by women in general due to trauma in my past with females.

I get drunk off of wine coolers and say it's Spiced Rum because I don't want to look like a lightweight. Weed makes me paranoid.

I'm going to shoot my dog's head off with a 12 gauge shotgun in a few days/weeks because he has a broken leg, and is a victim of poisoning from a Chinese guy so he's allergic to everything but rabbit, and will throw up for 4/5 days if you give him something besides rabbit.

My father is a genius but a bit of a manchild and probably my favorite person in the world.

Pretty much the stuff that comes to mind when I look at myself and think of what my life is. I promise it's not as shit as it sounds.

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the s00p3r edgy story of silent warning: u may cut urself on al of dis edge

Well, let's see.. I grew up in a home with a drug dealing father whom also kept loaded 12 gauges in the house with a 2 year old... I got pneumonia and that nearly killed me. The rest of the events in that household are things I would rather not speak of. So, fast forward about 3 years, and I find myself starting elementary school. I was a pretty good kid, made great grades, got a lot of exercise, played soccer (or football for you non-American people), but I didn't have friends, except for one person. So, he and I stuck by each other for a few years, until we started getting put in separate classes in middle school, but back to elementary school for a minute! I was in all of the 'advanced' classes, advanced programs, all that jazz. Now fast forwarding to middle school, still an honors student, I really just kept to myself. I made a few more friends, but I still didn't really have that many. Seventh grade was when I started coming out of my shell a bit, joined band, made more friends, but they were more gothic/emo, which I was at that point. Fast forward a year in December, and that's when my big change happened (mah balls dropd), I starting styling my hair differently, started wearing nicer clothes, and stopped acting so dark. I made more friends in the 'prep' group, and things seemed to be going a lot better, however, my grades were plummeting because I was trying to be social. Now, this is where the story takes another turn! I joined the marching band, which brought my completely out of my shell, and you'll find that I no longer have a sense of humility and that I'm very outgoing. Well, it was all fantastic, the happiest I had ever been! Well, in December, I met this fantastic girl, and that's when my first serious relationship started. It was honestly so great, and it was a really loose relationship, so we would joke around about a lot of things... Well, shit went down, we broke up, and major depression struck me, and I'm still recovering from it. Now, you find me as a stoner/alcoholic sophomore in high school, that, get this, wants to be a teacher.

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Name's Tenenza, but you can call me crazy.

I'm a kinda arrogant person who likes telling stories and if you can get me on a roll talking about something, I won't stop unless forced.

I think I know a lot, but that's the arrogance typing, and I'm actually just well read enough to be able to fake wisdom pretty well, which is a solid skill for roleplaying or a career in either writing or academia, so go figure.

But, seriously, I'm just a person with a very hands-off approach to reality. I'd call it Zen, but even my rather loose branch of Buddhism doesn't classify that as anywhere near Zen, so I'm going with calling it a hands-off approach to reality.


Also, never take anything I say at face value unless it was in an adminPM.

I'm full of lies, bullshit, and wonderful fairy tales.

I'll probably elaborate more on my life later, but that same rule as above applies, so don't hold anything I say about myself as fact.

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