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  1. EDIT: ((just turned on my comp and apparently this was a draft that never actually got posted, wow fuck)) Unfortunately I still don't see how those logs, or your explanation, justifies me being warned. The fact that, when met with zero possibilities for RP, and cornered in a situation where there is nothing that matters except your skill, I am expected to just not be good at the game, really rubs me the wrong way. Forgive me if there's some other meaning I'm not getting from this, but as it stands that is the only meaning I have been able to pry from this. I 100% get that I was an engineer that round and didn't have weapon expertise. But I'm not sure why I should be punished if, when push comes to shove, I actually try my best to survive a firefight based on my clicky-clicky prowess once my knowledge of firearms and aversion to conflict has properly been roleplayed. Literally everyone does that. Once RP is out the window, and the engagement is a purely mechanical life or death shootout, I have not ONCE in my entire time here seen someone fall flat on their face and scream "Oh right! I'm a bad shot!" and just stand still, shooting to miss, screaming all the while they're wordlessly shot to death, when they have two guns on them. They might be caught off guard, or think they can surrender, but never have I seen anyone, surgeon, roboticist, botanist, assistant, grab two guns, run into people shooting them fully expecting a firefight, and then take the time to admit they don't know how to use a weapon while their opponents kill them without a care or bat of an eye. I called to the AI that I was a friendly and had killed the two usurpers because one of the officers had already mistaken me for one of them and shot the shit out of me. I wanted to make it completely clear when I got help that I wouldn't be executed for being in possession of weapons. Then I asked for medical help, and the ling got up and I just surrendered to my fate. As I see it, I am being punished for surviving a shootout miraculously. All of the RP that I did beforehand to avoid it was unsuccessful, all attempts to escape were unsuccessful, so when I finally am locked in a shootout, and by some miracle I succeed (it was a miracle RNG-wise, I somehow gibbed one of their heads with a perfect point blank headshot that instantly killed them), it's still my fault. I will pretend to not know how to shoot in the event that roleplay is still possible, sure, but there was no promise of that at the moment, and I was merely concerned with surviving at that point, as were they. I fail to see what about this is worth a warning. I don't know why me describing the events as they happened in dsay and acknowledging that I did too much roleplay makes anything I've said "a load of bullshit", and I'm not sure I appreciate that tone regarding my points when the evidence you have provided to rebut them (these four lines of dsay where i say "dang, i shoulda gotten gooder," and "i was attacked and killed them"?) doesn't really explain anything. The only thing worth noting is that, looking back on this, I did indeed shoot the ling while they were downed with a point blank buckshot. However, I did that because on my screen they appeared to still be alive, unlike the other guy that I managed to kill. They were gasping, and I was in terrible pain from being shot both by them and a security officer nearby who mistook me for one of them, and I only had one bullet left, so I fired once to empty it, executing them. In a situation in which my character has just been lethally engaged, however, and is not a security officer responsible for properly capturing and brigging people who are terrorists, and instead just a guy who's had an attempt on his life with much less professional restraint, I don't understand how it's bad roleplay to take a life either. If I was a cop, I'd shoot a guy to bring him down, call for backup, have him arrested, etc. If I was a civilian getting shot, I would have no restraint and go utterly trigger happy if I had two assault weapons on me at the time of an attack. I think it's entirely realistic for me to not show the restraint an officer would if someone's made an attempt on my life if I have no means or training of non-lethally capturing them (or any obligation to).
  2. BYOND Key: Hivefleetchicken Staff BYOND Key: Pratepresidenten Game ID: Sorry guys, no idea. The date and time was nine days ago, 10/11/17 at 8:43:41 server time though. Reason for complaint: I was an engineer. I joined to the station, and after a short while of apparently some serious emergencies happened in the brig. Some officers were screaming bloody murder over the radio about needing into the vault, and I decided I wanted to assist them. So I went into the brig but obviously couldn't open any of the doors. I found one that wasn't powered and opened it with a crowbar, and lo and behold, inside I witness a bunch of corpses of officers. Next to them was a cargo technician and a bartender (who Prate lies about in the warning, saying they were sec officers) decked out in guns and contraband. They take a look at me and ask me to join them in their hostile takeover, and I politely refuse, having no reason to support them. I run to engineering and offer to protect one of my fellow engineers since she's a female, merely a lore thing since my character was an Unathi. I went back to the brig to see if there were any survivors, and I found two. There were two officers there, raiding the armory for guns, looking to maybe take back order. I joined them, picked up a gun, and asked them how to shoot and pump it. I tried my best to properly roleplay that I didn't know how firearms worked, but about five seconds into that, two lings attacked us out of nowhere. I tried to talk them down, something Prate says I didn't do at all, but I said something along the lines of "I am afraid to say that there are people who will attack you on sight", and began to back away. Then the officers popped out and shot them, and I helped. I did so while running, since I WASN'T supposed to be a great fighter. However, instead, I found myself cornered against the airlocks at the other end of security, and decided that my only way out would be through the door I originally opened with a crowbar. I bit my cheek and ran back towards where they were, and was instantly engaged in another firefight with them. This time, there was no talking, and I tried to run STRAIGHT past them to get to the maintenance door I had opened. Instead, both of them got in my way, and in an extremely quick and brutal firefight in maintenance, where I was trying to flee, I ended up shooting them both to death. I called for help, saying there had been a terrible massacre, of course, and then one of them resurrected. I merely laid there, paralyzed with fear, screaming "T-THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE!" and allowed them to kill me with a few clicks of resist, so that it was fair. Then I got pinged, and without much success in explaining every thought process, Prate slapped me with a warning. I didn't actually know how to check my warnings, since for some reason I don't get notifications when I have received them or have unacknowledged ones, so I never got to see it. However, this was the warning: I'm not sure why I received this given the context, and I'd like it removed. All of my attempts to roleplay my character's limited skill with weaponry, attempts to talk down the attackers and avoid conflict, attempts to flee, and my roleplay of allowing defeat out of fear RP were COMPLETELY overlooked in the adminPMs, all because I happened to pull some luck and kill my attackers when it came down to a purely mechanical firefight. Was I warned for being good at clicking their sprites when it came down to it? Am I expected, when I am cornered, and without options for proper fear/death RP (which I showed I was capable of when I let them kill me when they came back to life), and no way of avoiding the gunfight, to just let myself die? I fought back when it was utterly necessary, and apparently that was reason to warn me. I vehemently seriously disagree. Evidence/logs/etc: I can't even provide the game ID because for some reason I don't get notifications for receiving warnings. I had no idea I had this warning until now, and didn't think to save logs. Sorry. Only evidence will be in the logs.
  3. Since you testify you're willing to improve, I'm retracting the -support. Thanks for the quick response, looks like your odds are good so enjoy the promotion.
  4. -1 I've seen Olivia take the Captain's ID as a non-head of staff crew role like... 4 times now, saying she intends to "secure" it whenever there's an emergency. I really don't like this kind of play, please don't rush for common antag-goal-items when things go to shit to preemptively prevent them from succeeding. I also witness you play antags as passive roles dedicated to informing the crew of what antags are, i.e. you get auto-linged halfway into the round and then go to the HOS saying, "Here's what's going on there's shapeshifters and you need to stop them", etc. It can be very obnoxious for other antags and doesn't really add anything to the round except an excuse for sec to win by any means.
  5. I had a long post but I lost it. Tl;dw, she sucks my character's dick a little too hard for the modicum of respect (or as I would call it, mercy) he shows her, and I'm not sure if it's because she is kinda unrealistically trusting of everyone and overly friendly for a lonely paranoid guwan, or if she has some other reason to like him. Either way she's a fine character and all but nice and trusting to everyone regardless of their thoughts of her to a point that it makes me scratch my head. Maybe its intentional, but it aint a bad thing, just a little odd.
  6. Alright, normally I find lying to staff to be that one thing I will never forget, but you seem quite willing to kiss my ass enough to convince me otherwise. I'll retract my -support and give you an honest to God shot. I'm off your case, bud.
  7. Thank you for the kind reply brother. I can see your memory is a little foggy, allow me to do my best to explain the incident as I witnessed it. You were a research director, and in this round xenobotany became extremely out of control, killing many and spreading radium all over. Now I'll admit, I went a bit vigilante, and used a crossbow I had either had someone make for me or made myself to point at you and order you to stop feeding the plants. Now the general consensus was that you were the evil arch-villain that round and were responsible, and whether or not it was true, I fell for it. So I pointed this crossbow at you, without firing, and told you to cease, or "stop fucker", or "quit that shit" or whatever was thuggish and succinct at the time. I then cuffed you, brought you to the bar, and buckled you to a chair. Then I left and got on the shuttle, telling you to stay behind with your creations. I believe I flushed your backpack of holding down disposals as well. Either way it seems my story still does not correlate with what you believe happened to this day, and I'm afraid that falsehood (later disproved with the evidence of logs that my story was correct) ended up being relayed to the staff by you, and I was on the wrong end of some very SERIOUS accusations and cuss-outs from staff. It put me off a great deal, and I'm just plain sorry to say it's never left me to this day. If there is one thing I disapprove of in people, it is dishonesty and cowardice, and while you are no coward to boldly and politely explain your side of this story as seen above, that story is still, to this day, sadly untrue.
  8. -1 Spizzy has lied to staff about me before with the intention of getting me in trouble, the subject of a complaint in which he told staff that I was toying with AFKs, attempting to get them in trouble with CCIA, and feeding them "a ton of vodka". (in reality, of course, i fed him a cup of water while he was peppersprayed, and every other claim was completely made up to get me in trouble) I do not support and cannot trust someone who lies to staff as a moderator, in lieu of recent events he has proven that he has not changed. Lying to staff is not something that a player considering becoming mod should ever do in their career.
  9. -support Has lied to other staff in the past, one case I remember was when he faked his own death and blamed me for it to fellow moderators, when I stated it was untrue I was very harshly cussed out for "lying". I don't trust him in any case. sry
  10. Cheers, and no hard feelings to any of these guys. They wanted to do the right thing the whole way through, and I am somewhat certain even I would try to challenge a guy like the one I played, were I playing a certain bold sec Unathi. I apologize for letting the mask gimmick dictate the amount of roleplay I could do nonetheless, perhaps I could find a way to use /me's to convey more without looking like a gmod RPer.
  11. I'd really like to agree with you Delta but I have to say, I am really happy I grabbed the clown mask. I terrified myself when I watched Woodward hanging in my reclining chair. From the context of me running around in a gunfight in super armor, sure, the clown mask may appear silly rather than intimidating. But by God... When I got to use it for its true purpose, it had a SERIOUSLY terrifying effect. I got chills from that mask the second I saw it. I knew it would be the perfect jigsaw-esque rev interrogation-tool. Maybe some of you didn't like it cause all you saw was Shooty McHonk, but the real purpose of the mask was to terrify the revs that I interrogated and masked my identity as I terrorized the detective. Sadly that didn't last long, but oh well! It was spooky while it lasted.
  12. Haha, cheers mate, glad you took it like a champ. Admittedly I was dragging you through the halls until I could find a place to execute you, before realizing that anyone I ran into would attack me, so I stopped pulling you in the Aft hall where people were hiding (since the central hall was my killing grounds) and said something like "Now YOU SIT HERE AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'VE DONE". It is strange literally none of the guys in that hall came to your rescue, rather they looted you. That sucks. Anyways as promised, here is my entire analysis and explanation of the round, accompanied by video footage. BE WARNED: It's a full, extensive explanation of every major event in a two and a half hour round, but I want y'all to read every last bit of it. (ENJOY READING SHARP, FEEL FREE TO HATE ME)
  13. Yeah tell you what, I recorded this round in all its glory, ill be uploading it tomorrow. Until then, dogpile freely.
  14. Bro what the fuck is this reply? Seriously? How is me dying in the round indicative of me not being credible? What?????????????????? I'm going to ignore almost all of this post since it really looks like delta saying absolutely nothing, but I will still reply to the last part: Calm down, or give credit to your old age and grow up. Don't be such a baby Delta I'm glad that is being done thanks to this complaint. I am not prolonging anything, I am putting every fact possible on the table. Jackboot was misinformed, Kyres was dishonest, and I provided logs to mediate it as well as my account of the events and corrected both of them with posts for each. Now what are you on about, saying I'm not credible because I died this round? Let Coalf handle this one, sweetie.
  15. Literally none of this has happened. The account where the "bunch of miners" entered the raider ship was when a single miner in an industrial RIG entered the skipjack and showed no signs of hostility. This was the same woman who was bragging about her possession of hardsuit plasma cutters, a thermal drill and more all ten minutes before hand. It is also the same woman I had no faith in to actually roleplay fear of a shotgun, so of course I wasn't going to kill her. "Dress up" never happened. She was in a massive obnoxious looking dress staring at me as I talked to her about how my team was idiots but I would remain loyal. Afterwhich, the vox (who was not screaming for help. they were screaming in their native vox language and didn't look mortally wounded at all) came inside on his own avail after making it seem like he couldn't enter, and proceeded to reccomend I attempt capturing the miner with the incredibly powerful hardsuit. With... our single combat shotgun, and no armor. Needless to say I tried reccomending him otherwise but I assumed it was just Vox stupidity ICly which led to the player killing me. I was content with that, but clearly there was something else going on there. I have absolutely no idea why I would be considered to be playing "dress up" with miners on the ship. Ahem. I believe I have already stated Jackboot was misinformed by his report, and corrected it more accurately. With that said, you are now telling untrue accounts. Below is my summary: However, since I've now PERSONALLY looked into the logs of this round, your character actually acted AGAINST the raider team rather than just misprioritized, stalling and buying time while your vox ally was in critical in the airlock calling for help. The reason the vox killed you is because you LET THE miner mosey on in while another miner stood watch outside. You conversed with her casually about kids and asked her if she'd like to go on adventures with you, and when she took her armor off, told her the details of your entire operation, ways to identify your fellow operatives, and your objectives, to take to security, stating that "none of this was your idea anyway". She took this info straight to the AI in front of you. Then, when the vox, requesting medical assistance, he was greeted by you sheltering the miner and stalling against your dying ally so she can make a quick escape, stating "Come, you've got to go". Instead she goes SSD and your ally has to literally hack his way back onto the ship because you refuse to help him. You state in this complaint that you were terrified of her and her weapons, but she didn't have her rig on at the time of your talk, while you had the fucking combat shotgun you begged the team to let you keep. You also lied that your ally was talking in vox speak, but I have logs of him speaking nothing but ceti basic while you warn the miner that your allies are returning and agree to help her get away while you buy time. Here are the logs of that: https://youtu.be/uZLgZG-Xg60 May I ask that you do not roll for antag if your quirk is to sob story to miners and purposefully turn over the information of the operation, compromising the round and gameplay for literally everyone else involved because you want to respect women? And also may I ask that you do not over compensate your innocence to the point of lying in complaints? These things are rather official and while I corrected Jackboot first thing to make sure the right info got in time for people to respond, you seem to have created a fabrication of your intentions that round. Anyone who sees the footage can clearly see you were acting against your team to support a random miner, and you were killed for it.
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