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Ana Baker's Syndi-Smokes

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BYOND Key: SilentNight195

Character name: Ana Baker

Item name: Syndi-Smokes

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Because she does not like the flavour of the cigarettes available on-station, so she brings her own pack from her living space.

Item function(s): Just a regular pack of cigarettes, resprited with another description.

Item description: A pack of cigarettes with a strong blend. The packaging on this seems slightly suspicious...

Item appearance: In-game it looks like this: http://puu.sh/jqPY5.png

Additional comments: Before you say, "Oh, NanoTrasen wouldn't allow this because it's from an enemy corporation!!1!!1" just remember that NanoTrasen stocks their snack machines with Syndi-Cakes. Also, I uploaded the sprite to puush: http://puu.sh/jqQbb.dmi

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