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Nations gamemode.

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wtf is dis shit

Basically what happens is that each department head is given a message by a faction. whenever it may be the Syndicate or NT or even Nar'sie himself. the message says for them to break apart and declare independence. and so. Nations start.


thats pretty much it. theirs not much explaining to do at all. its just every department for themselves or each other. theirs no objective. just each department has to survive and possibly thrive.

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I feel like nations is a gamemode that plays best as an event. People get hyped for it, they actually want to play and they put a lot of effort into it.

If it became part of the regular gamemode rotation, I'm too afraid it could easily become stale. It's basically an even more chaotic RP-rev (since all departments have the potential to get mad at each other), and it can go terribly wrong if half-assed.

If anything, I think I'd simply like to see admins run more nation events (and maybe more events in general? I miss colony.)

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