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give left4zed mutation


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Give left4zed a small mutation or another item that hydroponics has access to.

According to the wiki the only chemicals that will cause mutation is unstable mutagen and radium. As it stands right now hydroponics has no way of creating any types of mutations in their plants without requesting chemicals from science or chemistry. This means that a large part of hydroponics cannot be explored on a regular basis. By giving left4zed a small chance to mutate the plants, it opens the door to a lot of what hydroponics should already be about on a science station (improving plant production and creating new plants).

Now the biggest opposition I’ve heard to this is that hydroponics is more of a role-play job and so it’s good that they have to ask chemistry. A few things I can say about this. First when I ask for unstable mutagen I am lucky if the chemist/scientist will give me it (chemistry especially tends to house drug addicts more than decent chemists). Then even if I get mutagen, I’ve only ever gotten enough to mutate one plant into a new plant before I run dry. I’ve yet to actually explore mutated plants and half of what hydroponics has to offer because of this. I can understand wanting to encourage role-play and to remedy this I am suggesting a mutation level of four. Mutation four is half of what radium does and a fraction of what unstable mutagen would do (if I understand the math). So if you want to explore mutations at a much quicker rate you would still need to request the items and role-play with other departments. This set up encourages you to role play with other departments but it doesn’t inhibit you from exploring mutation without them. I would also like to point out by opening up mutation within hydroponics that gives a lot of opportunities to role-play. You can now create the perfect tomato that is full of nutrients; or the apple tree whose life span is a lifetime and that’s before we even talk about discovering and creating new plants. So I actually think this would grant more role-play opportunities than it limits. It lets you explore hydroponics to a much greater degree and overall is an improvement to the job.

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Don't you mean the floral sodomy ray?

Anyway, while thats an option, its not always an option, you need scientists on the station, and you need miners, and you actually need BOTH of those people doing their job. It'd be cool if botanists had someway to mutate their plants like Furry said.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Botany would become a truely lowkey little research department if they had easier access to mutagenics. Considering how anal science and security both are over these things being handed out, it should really help botanists become more than endless potato factories.

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