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Where the Keck is Walter? *Radio Show Playlist*(ic post)

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Hello! Peace be with you! I'm Walter Keck, the host of Aurora's favorite radio show, "Where the Keck is Walter?", and I am surveying. I do this show each time I'm on the station, and I run out of ideas, and nobody ever gives me requests! It is a rarity! So, I was going to ask if you guys could help with a playlist. So, the rules are: They need to have appropriate lyrics (( because it is being played as a real radio station )) and you need to attempt to leave politics out of it. I mean, minor politics and one F bomb won't hurt, but if it is the whole song, get out of town! Each person gets two songs to have me put on the playlist. Also, maybe some filler text and things to talk about would be nice, if you have anything. You can give me as much of that as you want because I run out of material after a while. I mean, I do this show for entire shifts at a time! Anyways, I thank you for the help. God bless.

-Walter Keck

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