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  1. Hello. I have been an off and on player, constantly. I thought I'd say a bit about my hobby I have been working on: I am a puppeteer in my spare time and made a youtube channel with puppets. The premise is that there are two puppet characters (Mitch the Dragon and Cuatro Fuzzyface) and they live together and share a youtube channel. Right now, there's only two shows I've got going: "Cuatro's Tea Time" (a tea review show) and "Mitchy Science Theater" (a series retrospective of my favorite show, Mystery Science Theater 3000). I've been working hard with it and hope you check it out!
  2. Byond key: theiguanaman2 Discord key: Mitch the Dragon#6165 Character Name: Glo Hanson Item name: Cap'n Ducky Item function(s): It would have the same functions as a rubber ducky. It would be able to squeak. Item description: It's the lovable pirate captain, Cap'n Ducky! Why is your character bringing this item to work?: They wish to put this rubber ducky on their desk, as it is one of their favorite possessions (like a bobblehead a secretary would put on their desk). It was given to her by someone incredibly important to her, so she keeps it, almost as a luck
  3. I like that you all expanded upon this! It would be wonderful to add to the game! It would be good to still be able to feed it the rats and stuff on station, just so it's easier to feed it. And any kind of beef or jerky, really. Stuff you can biogenerate.
  4. The proposition I have is for a new plant seed/item a botanist could grow. I'm referring to a Venus flytrap. This quirky little plant is something I thought would be interesting to throw into the ring for a tryout. As per the lore, the Venus flytrap could have come about as a Venus flytrap from the planet Venus itself. If this idea is not liked, another carnivorous plant could be considered, such as pitcher plants. This could have two implementations into the game. The mechanics in feeding it would be quite simple. It could eat Hamburger meat at a young age. When the plant grows, it coul
  5. As an avid listener and singer of barbershop music, I must recommend it deeply. I was wondering: does anyone else on this server have an avid love for barbershop music? Because I need some barbershop bonding out here! I'm in a barbershop chorus, two quartets, and always listening! I also sing baritone, so you KNOW I'm serious! Is there anyone else out there?
  6. As far as roleplay goes, it's always interesting to see how people get into character. Some people kinda just play and see what happens. However, I'm wondering what some people do outside the game to play certain characters. I, for example, play detective with a thunderstorm loop and smoldering 40's detective music on in the background while I play because my detective character, Darness Furns, is your typical 40's smoldering detective. Do any of you do things like this?
  7. Hello! I'm theiguanaman2. I haven't played in ages and I apologize for that. However, I have been working on a puppet character, since I do puppetry. Before I make videos, though, I've made a character and a Twitter. I plan to develop the character on Twitter, first. If you're interested in following my character, here is the link to the Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mitchthedragon
  8. I'm theiguanaman2, a user you may know for playing characters such as Walter Keck and Leonard Simpleton. However, off the station, I have a busy life. The first and foremost thing I do, that's more of a lifestyle than a hobby, is musicianship. I'm a musician through and through. This is why you may see me playing SS13 for some a while and then all of a sudden I disappear. I focus on String Bass and tuba, but I dabble in other instruments, mostly other low brass like baritone and trombone. I also am dabbling in flute and violin. I also sing. I will be going to college at some point for a de
  9. I'm not really a fan of this at all. Namely because I've always loved having that space. That way you don't have to kick people off of the holodeck if you want to conduct a service. Not to mention that What if others wish to use the holodeck to wrestle or play laser tag, but the chaplain is going on and on with a sermon. Would the chaplain's new office have an intercom?
  10. Suggestion: The Chapel Features I know not many people care about the chapel, but for the people who play as chaplain often do care. It boils down to a couple things. The features on the old map that have been taken out (the mass driver, confession booths, larger space) really helped roleplay. The people whom actually worked to roleplay and utilize these features really enjoyed them. I know it's not the most important job, but there's still plenty of people who play as chaplain. Sometimes, I rarely can even get on as Walter Keck sometimes because someone is already on there. People playing c
  11. BYOND Key: theiguanaman2 Character name: Oz Auman Item name: Mr. Monkey Why is your character carrying said item to work? Oz Auman had an awful childhood. This Monkey was the comfort of Oz Auman as a child. Oz had an abusive father, and as a child, all he had was his brother and a plush monkey. Oz cross-dressed occasionally as a child, and when his father found out, he'd beat him. However, his brother would always comfort him afterwards because they had a great relationship. However, as a teenager, Oz's brother was an adult and was a sheriff. His brother got shot in the head, and it
  12. Name: Walter Keck Age: Adult Hair: Green Combover (no facial. Also, if there's no combover, you can find the closest to it.) Race: Caucasian. Really, really white XD Eye Color: Green Body Size: He's pretty fat. I don't care how fat he is made, but when I made him, I made him as fat as you can make him. His head should be a little narrow and his nose is like a potato. Aspirations: Friend to the World Traits: Music Lover, Cheerful, and Good. Relationship Status: Roomate Other: He should have a deep might, but friendly voice. Should have a jolly appearence. Sort of like a Santa
  13. Hello. I am theiguanaman2. As some of you know, my main character is Walter Keck, the chaplain. And I realized something. Every real life church has a piano and even an organ in there and they play music on there for worship. I wanted to start roleplaying better and maybe starting Sunday services as Keck, but what would make the roleplay better would be a piano or even better with an organ. This organ would only be able to be played by the chaplain, being put behind a door only the chaplain can access. However, one thing I noticed, as well, is that in the library of SS13 transcribed songs that
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