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Minecraft Shenanigans


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I am not sure whether this goes in Off topic, Other games, suggestions or wherever, but feel free to move it when y'all figure out where it goes.

Basically, we already have a minecraft server. I have been to it and the builds that some people have come up with are beautiful. What I am suggesting is the following:

Make the minecraft server like the apartment server was. Make it a place for people to come home after work and hang out with each other. We could have different "planets" that can be got to by different teleports.

But thundy! that requires I do work! you'll hear scopes moan. Well scopes, all that would really be required would be:

1) have the plugin to have the words you say in chat hover over your head

2) have some sort of teleport plugin (your choice)

3) Allocate some people (namely me and whomever else you choose) to have creative in order to design and build the outlines for the different planets and villages.

We would also need to enforce rules like no griefing, no ERPing, no dick behavior and all that lovely stuff.

I'm hoping for feedback and ideas so go ahead with them. I think this is pretty cool.

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Since we don't use bukkit and I refuse to because mods and bukkit don't mix well (not plugins mods)

1) Find me a mod that lets that happen, I know there is one somewhere.

2) This was one that was thought about but there is an easier way with..... mystcraft? I think that's the one.

3) We will see.

No griefing is already a rule, if there has been any then it hasn't reached my ears yet.

Don't be a dick is standard on all my servers it can tie in with the no griefing rule as being a dick causes grief for other people.

All block placements and breaks are logged and so is chat.

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Wouldn't the easiest way to set this up be to start a new superflat world/server on creative, and restrict the building to whitelist-only to prevent grief?

Mystcraft would also be a good plugin to create new maps on the same world, as well as produce specific types of terrain without having to paint it.

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Superflat would allow us to do more. Worldpainting plus the most recent set of creative tools (I dunno what people use these days, worldedit, voxelsniper, or whatever), but I don't know if these exist as plugins, nor if anyone from here has the expertise and patience to use them effectively. Default biomes are probably not very interesting for making "alien" planets, as they just look very "vanilla-minecraft".

I don't know how exactly we'd go at making alien landscapes, but I figured it'd be pretty easy to build stuff like the Odin or Biesel cities on superflat.

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