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The Shell build and robotics.


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It's starting to get pretty ridiculous that borg players can't wait for posibrain and end up in a good position anymore. Robotics is so different here form what the bay wiki uses that it hurts new people. and then there are the demented ones. It's easier to make an IPC now than it is to make a cyborg, it's simply one less part/step. This breaks immersion as well as it's usefulness, IPCs are supposed to be expensive and the like, so it makes zero sense that robotics can "accidentally" pump one out and throw a positronic in it. As it stands new roboticists make this mistake a lot and then you have a new crew member who isn't registered to have an IPC.

Then you have the crazy people who throw IPCs together on purpose just to give cyborg players a sense of "freedom" against the player's wishes.

I believe that ICly the creation of an IPC should not be taken lightly. IT should require forms upon forms and super permissions from the important people. It should then be made separate enough from the cyborg process that creating and IPC not happen by mistake. These characters are whitelisted, allowing any ghost to be one kind of breaks that point.

This came across kind of ranty, but I don't have the time to smooth it out right now. But I'm open to further elaboration and of course, to discuss why I'm right/wrong with people.

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Next update only whietlisted players will be able to become an IPC with this methord so the number will go down.

I have been saying this for the past few weeks.

Now I'm going to bin this because there is no suggestion in this and something is already being done.

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