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Tenenza's Lore Application

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Ckey/BYOND Username: tenenza

Position Being Applied For : Lore Dev

Past Experiences/Knowledge:

I have been full of bullshit since 1621, the year of our lord, Jesus Christ, praise be unto him.

For the first eighty nine years of my life, I lived as but a simple quantitative banker, ekking out an existance in the slums of Arizona, were I hunted the famed Bison of the region. I made my name with the slaying of Kres-kazeroth-moric-ja, a bison that the natives said was too big to fall. And perhaps it was, as when I drove it off the cliff, it merely spread it's massive golden wings and took to the sky. As I looked into it's seven glazy white eyes, I think we both knew that this game had gone on too long. To this day, I still brush my teeth with one of Kres-Kazeroth-moric-ja's preserved fingers, to remind myself to be humble.

Then I lived out my days, as but a mere legend to the natives, whom I guided with a gentle hand. In fact, that's why the state is called Arizona. It's named after me. But alas, all good things come to and end, and my halcyon days ended with a bang. Not quite sure what caused the explosion but it was big.

That was the first time I died.

For the next century, I lived a wooden cabnet in the home of a japanese tomato smith. Every day, I watched as his heated arguements with the british missionaries about how to pronounce tomato warmed his forge and sustained his livelyhood. It was only in a freak accident that I burned, when an american trader from the far south dared to pronounce it as Taaa-Ma-Ta, and ushered in the great fire of 1923.

And then I ended up here. Trapped, in this machine, lying on the surface of some Estonian Engineering student's desk, bound to serve him.

Examples of Past Work:

The state of Arizona.

My mod work.

All the good parts of OOC.

If you want to get technical, Skull's continued sanity.

Preferred Mode of Communication (Skype, Steam, etc.):

Astral projection, since it lets me stretchy my spiritual cabnet doors, but I can also send you a radio-frequency that my soul can pick up thanks to the fact Skull never turns off his radio and instead just chances it to a frequency nothing is on.

Additional Comments:

This is a joke. Plz no ban.

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