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Planet Adjetives

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Basically, what would someone be called if they were born on [insert Planet Here]. What I mean is, if it wasn't clear enough, someone from America is American, and someone from China is Chinese, etc. Im interested in the important planets in our lore, like Earth, Luna, Mars, Biesel, and Adhomai.

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The thing is, those examples are Nationalities.

I don't think we'd refer to ourselves from Earth as Earthlings if we had more than one planet to refer to, and I've never heard a human from Earth in ss13 call themselves an Earthling.

I think, instead, they'd refer to themselves by their nationality (i.e. Biesel = Biesellian) or by race, which are things I myself am interested in finding out.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Whatever the name of the planet is with whatever accepted '-ian' is added.








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