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People here seem to hate goodbye posts, but oh well I'm going to make one.

I'd just like to thank the vast majority of Aurora for providing me with a relatively nice place to come to after school and such to enjoy roleplay with many talented roleplayers, and giving me a shelter from the IRL pressures I've been faced with over the year.

I have immensely enjoyed the stories created and executed from my characters here, and I have enjoyed being part of the arcs of other characters.

I wish everyone here the best, may you have many good rounds, Aurorans.


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I don't usually post on goodbye threads, since I dislike goodbyes in general.

So, here you go:

Xanderdox, when I first wrote my headwhitelist application, I looked to your previously accepted application for guidence.

That's the closest thing you're getting to a goodbye hug from this egotistical mashocist.

Try not to die out there.


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Peace out. We may have probably secretly hated each other/had a major crush on, but I enjoyed probably 9/10 of the rounds we played. I will never forget Commander Faggot.

Anyway, I might or might not see you over at CM, depending if you're leaving BYOND for good.

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