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A couple small librarian ideas


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As a person who plays librarian a lot (see: A LOT), I came up with some ideas that could expand the librarian job a tiny bit. I know jobs like librarian are probably low on the priority list, but I'm just going to state my ideas anyway.

Library Cards: Library cards could be printed out from the library computer by the librarian and issued to crew. It could be flashed just like an ID. Library cards could be one way to get people to visit the library more, and generate some RP as well.

Librarian PDA Cartridge: If possible, a PDA cartridge synced to the library computer so the librarian may check on checked out books and how much time left until they are due. This is for if the librarian leaves the library, they can still keep track of checked out books.

Ability to track checked out books: Again, if possible, this feature could help librarians find out where overdue books are, or books


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Who the fuck steals a book?


It doesn't happen often. It only happens once in a blue moon. But it happens.

(Definition of stealing is taking a book without checking it out, just like a real life library)

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