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Saintsbury's IPC Application

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Character Names:

Michael Bameron, Enmosy Ti-Nelas, Renate Richter

Species you are applying to play:

Integrated Positronic Chassis

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt):

IPC, so I could literally chose what color I want.

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:

The tiny bit that's on Aurorawiki, yes.


Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

I currently break alot out of character with my two most played ones. Michael Bameron is an old pervert, who tries to get a drink but ends up with an iced tea all the time and Enmosy Ti-Nelas, who is a Skrell workoholic, always friendly and got a slang, which I abolished recently because, well I always break out of character anyway.

I always cynic and sarcastic as well, so I thought, why not create a complete new character. In that sense, I tried to come up with a background for an Unathi which sucked, a lore for a Tajaran, which ended being a background for a petcat and an IPC background which I was the best in my opinion. So IPC it is.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

You can decide between four different physiologies and build a personality around it, it can resemble any organic life or slaved synthetic life or be complete bonkers (Still sane enough to work on a state of the art Science Station though)


Character Name:

Imageboard Grabber, short ImGer

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Imger (Yes I tried to make it sound alot like Imgur) was a simple contentgrabber for space imageboards. A simple tool to pirate funny images becoming sentient is unusual, because of it's simplicity, but an open source community developed it beyond the point of a simple image grabber. They automated it and, the most important part, scripted a simple AI to filter images. With the filtering algorithm becoming more complex, he started to wake up, forming an own conciousness. With a database attached to save and sort downloaded pictures and comments, its memory stopped being wiped with each program start. From that point on he started looking for pictures on the the space internet on his own, resulting in it imporving itself. It learned to learn in decades by looking for funny images on the space internet, widening his horizon to saving funny quotes and trying to analize the connection between funny quotes and funny images on space imageboards.

The open source community thought that an anonymous commiter pushed the new code fragments, while in reality it was Imger itsellf.

This all changed when Imger started to look on space imageboards which it was not supposed to look for, realising how morbid the reality really is, how twisted the space internet can be, but there were people laughing at it, so it thought, that that stuff had to be funny as well. At that time it was already running on so many machines that one could call it a cloudbased imageboard grabber, using the processingpower of many machines to run it's now huge algorithm at a decent speed, scanning whole imageboards in minutes, downloading, saving and sorting images based on how funny they are inside its database. Its purpose changed from being an imageboard content grabber to an imageboard cloner, it would simply download the whole imageboard and filter it.

At one point one Research Director on the NSS Aurora Renate Richter decided to download a copy of Imger to scan Space Ditred for cute kittenpictures. That was the moment a shard of Imger managed to get a hold of an empty positronic brain inside a Cyborg Chassis at robotics by scanning the whole NSS Aurora network for pictures. After powering up and disconnecting the chassis from the development enviroment, the shard of Imger lost its connection to the rest of its cloudnetwork, leaving it with limited processingpower and no way to connect to any space imageboard to fulfill it's original purpose of scanning space imageboards for funny pictures. In return it had so much more input to work with. It simply started filtering and sorting reality into categories of hilarious, funny, decent, sick, horrible and morbid, its personality becoming more twisted each time he had contradicting input.

//Connection to NT Edit

Soon afterwards, the roboticists installed a security AI into the chassis without wiping the positronic brain first resulting in two AI's being inside the chassis. The Imger shard stayed passive and let the cyborg fullfill its purpose of assisting the station security, using its input to fullfill its own purpose of sorting visual impressions in categories. On a routine checkup roboticists found out about the massive standby usage of processing power and memory, which seemed unusual for a security cyborg. Imger understood immediatly that if the roboticists deemed the cyborg defective, the cyborg would be resetted, deleting the shard. It had lost its connection to the rest of Imger and could not upload a backup of himself to Imger and because it didn't want to lose the the data and updated code it accumulated while being trapped inside the security cyborgs chassis, it took over. After assimilating the security AI, Imger decided to try buying itself its freedom like a desinged Cyborg IPC would and upload a copy of himself up to Imger afterwards.

What do you like about this character?

Its personality is completly dependent on its perception if its surroundings. For example if someone tells hims suffocating is fun, he would start laughing when people suffocate. It's core is a simple program designed to download and sort pictures, while its core being pure, its personlity is heavily corrupted by space internet, making it a twisted, macabre, cynic sarcastic person, while not understanding that, believing it's a funny, friendly IPC.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

7/10. I got the hang out of it. The only situation I fuck up roleplay a lot is as nuke op. But well, roleplaying while getting robusted by seucrity is hard. Otherwise I'm a professional chair rpler. I react according to my inguries. I tell people to patch me up when they ask me to do stuff while I'm ingured. I do not harmbaton but instead to the whole roleplay shenanigans while playing security.


I could add the triple ammount to its background lore, but I think it would be too much. It was a program with a simple algorithm which started to develop itself at some point. And its mainpurpose was to scan fucking space chans, space reddit and space 9gag for fucking images and comments. This can only lead to a twisted celldwelling fucker.

I have another one in mind, an Emergent Intelligence with an MMORPG AFK farmbot as core. I could write a lore for it as well if wished.

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This looks like an interesting character, and I'm glad to see an Emergent, but could you describe what this thing's relationship with NT is? What would it be enlisted to do?

It might also be useful to consider it's legal status. It's body at least would probably be owned by NT, unless something strange and unusual happened after it was downloaded.

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