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Unban request

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BYOND Key: Jonoaod

Total Ban Length: 24hours

Banning staff member's Key: pumpkingslice

Reason of Ban:Not responding to Admin Pumpkingslice question on why i put plasma tanks in the dispoale unit in a timely manner

Reason for Appeal: first off I was A.F.K ( away from Keyboard) during the time admin contacted me.

I when to taking a piss while waiting for shuttle arrival. and came back to the bann.

throw plasma tanks away cause i didn't know what to do with them since i couldn't destruction anyalize them as RnD was doing a new role this round. and why is it bannable offence to throw something away in disposale unit...is taht not what it is for...

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You shouldn't throw plasma tanks into disposal. That's gross neglect of duty, to the point it actually becomes a rulebreaking issue rather than an IC one.

Tanks full of plasma are dangerous and should be handled with care, not left lying around, because plasma leaks are lethal and will cause a lot of problems if they happen. Throwing a tank of plasma down your station's general disposals is the equivalent of police disposing of a weapon they were holding for evidence by throwing it in a trash can for everyone to grab, ammunition included.

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