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Current ages weaponry


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Sorry about the late wait on the answer for your question! First day on the job.

There's currently a few famous weapon manufactures.

Low-point and Xi-Quan are both human own and operated

You have low-point firearms tec, Which manufactures a majority of ballistic weaponry and basic self defense tools that civilians, businesses, police forces and general companies who want cheap protection for their assets or for even basic military use. The CEO of low-point believes in in the good ol' fashion ('mericun') rights of each honest citizen being armed for self defense purposes at cheap (But shite quality) prices , so thus they develop and sell items like the the shotguns you see security officers using on the station for different situations and even the tasers at wonderfully low prices for the cheap but somewhat reliable tools. Majority of ballistic weaponry, tasers, stun batons and pepperspray from their factory or more smaller sister developers.

The main factory itself is stationed at Mars

It's favored among most civilians but I wouldn't suggest taking their goods if you're going to defend a research station in the middle of un-conquered space. though a rebellion or third world planet with some war to do would be all up and at ems for some cheap guns.

Bullets are cheap.

Though most military and companies who REALLY want to be packing heat for very expensive assets would go with laser/energy based technology. Since they have the energy and charging stations available to 'reload' said weaponry, which most civilians and small businesses don't have. (Trust me, it takes a whole lot of power to charge that laser rifle.)

That is when Xi-Quan Solutions comes in with the most advanced and deadly needs when it comes to weaponry.

They create and sell weaponry like the laser rifles and carbines that seem to be more intimidating than ballistics, If it shoots lasers, it's probably manufactured by them to make things you don't like dead. They also develop most protection, like the ablative vest, bulletproof vest, riot armor, standard security vest.

Fun fact, it was the skrell who developed the LWAP and partnered the idea up with Xi-Quan to mass-produce it.

As for the federation of warble (Skrell), both of these are skrell owned (Expected.)

Worsholing, a renown energy weapon research company

Guntev, a pharmaceutical company that handles and deals biological weapons. The skrell are VEEERY into this brand.

Goes to show the skrell pack a punch behind their threats.

You also have the most... Shady arms and gear dealer, Like the makers of the CR-20 that you see those friendly red hardsuited nuclear op strangers pack when they come to the station to sell you cookies and a nuke in exchange for that nuke disk.

Along with the syndicate revolver, syndicate crossbow, energy shield, pretty much anything.

They don't abide by the general rules when it comes to manufacturing weaponry, hence why a syndicate revolver will blow a limb CLEAN STRAIGHT OFF.

For specific xeno races..

Unathi weapons are all over the fucking place. Some unathi use longbows that, due to their size and strength of more modern synthetic fibers, can be large enough and drawn with enough force to pierce like, tank armour. But those are rare it's mostly ballistics with a focus on armour piercing for the thick plates.

Lots of energy glaives, swords, shields, for melee. War hammers are very popular, and the spear is the 'mascot' weapon for the Hegemony, but they're adopting more modern weapons now.

Tajara.. Don't even get me started, though same as unathi when it comes to DIY weaponry and cheap ballistics.

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