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Research Report - Medicinal Chemical Grenades by Miraj Zi'Ad

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Medicinal Chemical Grenades

A research report by Doctor Miraj Zi'Ad of Xenobiology & Medical Chemistry

Miraj has developed a mixture and device She is calling a Medicinal Chemical Grenade, or MCG for short. This has been developed after several weeks of researching and experimenting, until a successful test with a prototype dylovene MCG was recorded in a recent toxins leak simulation.

The results of this test indicated the grenade, which was able to produce enough mist to fill the toxins mixing room on the NSS Aurora (Measured at 9 x 12 meters) with a dylovene mist. This mist was able to reduce the rate of toxins damage on the positioned protohuman test subjects, and even began removing clearing toxins from their systems once the plasma leak simulation ended, and the plasma was scrubbed from the air (Total exposure was approximately 5 minutes).

Shortly after the plasma was scrubbed, the toxins were completely purged from each of the protohumans systems, confirmed by scanning with a handheld medical scanner.

Following the results of this test, Miraj would like to release the details of the mixture and device, for usage and testing by medical and research professionals, in the hopes that this device might save lives in the future.

Materials required to create an MCG:


  • Two beakers, size dependent on desired yield (60 units for low yield, 120 unit for mid yield)
  • One grenade casing, to house the mixtures and devices
  • One igniter, to trigger the grenade's detonation
  • One of the following, to trigger the igniter, chosen based on desired triggering mechanism: Timer, signaller, proximity sensor
  • One screwdriver, to connect the igniter, triggering device, and to seal the grenade casing
  • Potassium, Sugar, Phosphorous, and the medicine desired to be distributed via grenade, amounts varying - NOTE: Be very careful about medicine selection, as this can cause overdoses with certain medicines


Instructions to create an MCG:

First, the beakers should be filled with a mixture that will create a medicine filled mist upon combining. Miraj has determined this is best achieved by filling the beakers as noted:


  • For low yield: Beaker 1 should contain 20 units of Potassium, 20 units of Sugar, and 20 units of Medicine; Beaker 2 should contain 20 units of Phosphorous and 40 units of Medicine
  • For mid yield: Beaker 1 should contain 40 units of Potassium, 40 units of Sugar, and 40 units of Medicine; Beaker 2 should contain 40 units of Phosphorous and 80 units of Medicine


This results in a 1:1 ratio of smoke and medicine upon detonation of the grenade. Both beakers should then be inserted into the grenade casing, careful to avoid spilling any of the mixture. The igniter and triggering device, once connected to eachother, can then be attached to the internal housing, and the grenade casing closed and sealed.

The grenade will then be ready for use.

Miraj Zi'Ad

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