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Emile's fountain pen


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BYOND Key: SoapyCup

Character name: Emile Weres

Item name: Fountain Pen

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Emile is sort of a classic style guy. He wears an old man suit, and smokes a pipe. So, of course, he can't use a normal peasant ballpoint pen. He needs the classic style. Sure, it's a pain to clean, refill, and you get ink all over yourself way too easily, but it's his style and says a lot about him. He bought it when he got his first job, filling out paperwork all day, and it has lasted.

Item function(s): Capped, it does nothing. If you try to write with it it gives the message "You have to uncap the pen to use it." You click it in your hand to uncap it, the sprite changes. You get a message "You have uncapped the pen." and you can write with it. Uncapped, it functions exactly like a normal pen, black ink. You click it again to cap it.

Item description: This is a standard looking fountain pen. It is (un)capped.

Item appearance: http://puu.sh/khXL9/3c99ea874a.jpg Something like that when uncapped.

Additional comments: It probably shouldn't be able to fit into a PDA.

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