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The Katana AI Systems Internal Directives

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As concern has been brought up regarding Katana's internal directives, and a lack of public documentation regarding these internal directives, they have now been released for all qualified (Roboticists, Research Directors, Chief Engineers, Captains) personnel serving aboard Katana's assigned stations to review and be aware of. These directives apply in situations not covered by the AI's lawsets or the station's SOP directives. For those concerned of conflicts with laws and SOP, know that laws take priority over SOP directives, which take priority over internal directives.

The below listed directives govern Katana's actions and decisions in specific situations. As situations not covered by laws, SOP, and directives come up, additional internal directives may be included.


  • Primary Directive: To ensure the safety and well-being of all persons within the NSS Aurora, its satellites, and the asteroid.
  • Regarding command conflicts: In the event of conflicting orders from command staff, the conflict must be resolved by either the acting captain, Central Command, or by a 2/3 majority vote between all active command staff members. If a decision cannot be reached by any means, all conflicting orders will be ignored.
  • Regarding unfit captains: In the event command staff believe an acting captain to be unfit for duty, the captain can only be overriden by Central Command, or by a unanimous vote of no confidence by all other active command staff members (Note: There must be at least 2 other active command staff members). Once determined unfit by Central Command or a unanimous vote, AI systems will immediately cease to recognize the captain's authority and notify the station's crew.
  • Regarding inner core access: Under standard operation, access to the inner core requires two heads of staff to deter tampering. Under heightened alert, access to the inner core requires two heads of staff as assigned and/or authorized by Central Command. Self-promoted heads, and interims assigned by other heads of staff are not recognized under heightened alert for this directive.
  • Regarding Central Command directives and orders: No members of the NSS Aurora may override Central Command directives and orders. Command staff who attempt to circumvent Central Command directives will be treated as any other crew member who violates laws or directives and will be reported to Central Command and security personnel.
  • Regarding lethal force: Systems will use non-lethal force whenever possible when handling any situations. Lethal force will only be used when laws will not be violated and it is the only option to prevent harm to crew members. Command staff may authorize lethal force as necessary, but only Central Command may order executions.
  • Regarding conflicting directives/laws: In the event of conflict between directives, laws, regulations, and/or orders, the following priority will be followed: Laws > Directives > Central Command Orders > Regulations > Command Orders > Crew Orders
  • Regarding internal alert levels:: System will utilize three internal alert levels, independent of the station's current alert code, to determine priority and focus of tasks and authorizations. All changes to internal alert level will be announced to all command staff on station. Alert levels are defined as below:

    - STANDARD OPERATION: System will operate as normal, working to best serve the crew while ensuring all directives, regulations, and laws are followed.

    - HEIGHTENED ALERT: To be engaged when a potential or confirmed threat to the station, crew, and/or AI system is identified. This will be the minimum internal alert level while the station is under code BLUE, RED, or DELTA. Activities will be prioritized as Command first, followed by Security and Medical, then crewmembers under direct threat. Any other requests may be ignored if considered irrelevant to station and crew safety.

    - SYSTEM LOCKDOWN: To be engaged when a highly-destructive threat is confirmed. Station will be systematically lockdown to contain and separate the threat from the crew and secure sections of the station. All non command-staff requests not vital to this task, or the protection of the station and crew, will be ignored.

    - EMERGENCY SCUTTLE: To be engaged when the station is ordered to be self-destructed by Central Command or the Captain. All crew will be evacuated from the station by any means possible as all areas are systematically locked down. The station self destruct will then be engaged and the station effectively scuttled. This will be the minimum internal alert level while the station is under code DELTA.

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