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I think I MIGHT be a nerd.

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Alright, context. Im currently watching a playthrough of Nazi based FPS Wolfenstein. In the video, the LPer comments on the fact that the Nazi's had tesla coils on their armour, so they made the connection between this, and the Enclave armour in Fallout 3. Thus, THIS happened in the Youtube comments section.

Moi: Actually the Tesla armour is an upgraded version of the X-01 Power Armour, or more commonly known as the Fallout 3 Enclave Power Armour, what most people don't know is that the Enclave, back before the Great War, had access to Alien technology from Area 51, they used that technology to create their power armour, their weapons, and high ranking officers of the Enclave are said to be given unmodified alien weapons as a sign of honour. Thats why the Enclave power armour is much more advanced than the T-51b and T-45d power armour the Brotherhood has.

Someone Else: I guess you could say the SS Paranormal Division is the Aryan Brotherhood of Steel, huh?

Moi: Actually, they're more closely related to the The Master, ironically enough, but in terms of technological advancement, they're kind of like the Brotherhood of Steel Outcasts, at this point at least. They're technological scavengers, stealing magic baubles from underwater Jews, much like how you, in Fallout 3, can turn in technology to an Outcast Paladin, including alien technology, the closest thing to Jewish magic in the Fallout universe. Comparing the Nazi's in New Order, however, they're closest to the Enclave itself, with much more high tech stuff than anyone, and even super soldiers like the Nazi super soldiers in New Order (See: Frank Horrigan). Also, one thing I forgot to mention in my last comment, the Tesla Armour in Fallout is made to help defend against Laser and Plasma weaponry, I guess the tesla coils are meant to absorb some of the electric shock. The armour displayed in this video, the coils are most likely there, in my mind, are there to because I think those suits might be very primitive exo-suits, like what we have today, to help increase speed and range of movement. Or they could just be there to make the character models look cool, either or.

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