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  1. Vaurca should be able to crawl faster than other races and be able to act as a phoron sponge by sucking phoron out the air when we have a phoron gas leak.
  2. Appealing Personnel: Rafee Isra Specific Incident: Being naked Action taken as a result: Name entered on the Bieselian Sex Offenders register indefinitely. No-contact order between this party and party A (Ziariuz Izweski). Action contested: Name entered on the Bieselian Sex Offenders register indefinitely. Reasoning for contest: Rafee Isra received rehabilitation in the Dev'trrrotka Mines facility. The sentence is extremely harsh and has limited where Rafee can live and work. Rafee has shown he is not dangerous as he has not been arrested since the offence. Rafee was extremely sick while being interviewed causing him to vomit uncontrollably which no doubt effected his sentence.
  3. BYOND Key: Demonofthefall Character name: Malakai Item name: Replica Great Helm Why is your character carrying said item to work? Malakai believes he is a knight sent to protect Aurora. What is a knight without his helmet? Item function(s): Purely cosmetic helmet, does not provide any protection as it is made from plastic. Item description: A plastic replica of a Crusaders great helm. Item appearance: How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP? Malakai is a Christian fanatic as well as one who thinks he is a knight. A Crusader helm fits him perfectly and helps with his Sir Knight Malakai of Elysium character. As industrial frames have very little customisation options it will help make his appearance more unique.
  4. The medical PDA has a health scanner function. I like the penlight for RP purposes but apart from that its pretty useless.
  5. BYOND Key: Demonofthefall Character name: Rafee Isra Item name: Ka'tarjo Why is your character carrying said item to work? Rafee enjoys sharing music with others and after playing piano for customers at the bar several times he thought it would a good idea to bring his own instrument. Item function(s): works exactly like the space violin but sounds like the piano. Item description: Manufactured on Ahdomai, this instrument looks like a banjo fused with a keyboard. The body of the Ka'tarjo is made from a light metal and has the Peoples Republic of Ahdomai insignia printed on the side. Item Appearance: Basically a banjo fused with a keyboard. Here is what it might look like but Im sure you guys can make better icons than me. A shoulder strap to help hold it while being played would be cool. How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP? People seemed to enjoy the piano play plus it adds an element to Tajarans music culture. Additional comments: Mostly to be used during extended rounds and rounds with low pop to avoid lag. Rafee will only play it on request or when the bar is empty and he's bored. Would be cool if it could be worn on the back slot. Was thinking of having him wind it up with some kind of hand crank between songs. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. its the new engine that is scaring away all the old engineers who are use to the singularity engine.
  7. This is a pretty lame event that adds little to rp, I feel it should be removed completely. I did see on some servers that there is a small chance the vending machines come to live and attack people which would make it more interesting but also kinda pointless.
  8. I do remember seeing on one code that you could use wirecutters on a headset and take off the microphone part so they could still hear the radio but not talk into it. That might be a cool feature to add.
  9. hit face: slight chance for jaw dislocation?
  10. 100% agree with this. It sounds stupid when people say "He has brute damage",
  11. [email protected]~ Rafee got a collectable police officer's hat and a Thunderdome helmet, anyone wana trade? #SpaceStationCollectables Rafee Isra
  12. This would be great, I would like to see military recruiters come to the station and get those lazy young Tajara into the fight.
  13. Did Joseph Dorn clone the guys who worked on the Bush campaign and get them to work for him?
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