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Incident Report 01/10/2457 Chive

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Reporting Personnel: Eliza Pond

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Chief Medical Officer

Personnel Involved:

  • Wesley Jesse, Chemist (Afflicted Party)

    Chive, Chief Medical Officer (Offending Party)

    Zavi, Station AI (Witness)

    Houssam Jawdat, Head of Personnel (Reported too)

    Eliza Pond, Chief Medical Officer (Reported too)

Time of Incident: 1250-01/10/2457

Location of Incident:

Nature of Incident:

  • [_]Workplace Hazard


    [_]Destruction of Property

    [_]Neglect of Duty




    [X]Other Exceeding official powers. False arrest. Conduct unbecoming of a head of staff.

Overview of the Incident:

  • Upon arriving on the Aurora near 1315 I moved to medical and Dr. Jesse asked to talk to me informing me of an issue that the prior CMO had caused to him. Mr Jawdat forwarded this issue to me via Dr. Jesse. Upon reviewing the complaint and talking with Dr. Jesse, I have found that Chive lacked a basic sense of knowledge of what stocks medical has on hand. Arrested Dr. Jesse on the premise of insulting an officer on duty due to Dr. Jesse's flippant response that was if poorly placed, was understandable and in character considering the situation that was at hand.

    Dr. Jesse, had acquired the grenade kit from secondary equipment storage. He had not procured any illegal equipment. No weapons or any weaponized compounds were created in any fashion. The kit was merely moved to chemistry.

    Chive from what I can gather. Took no stock of the contents of medical. Was not concerned with corroborating anything they were informed. Handed down irrelevant charges when disagreed with when they were wrong.

    I have forwarded this complaint with my full endorsement due to the nature of this incident.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?:

  • Houssam Jawdat, Head of Personnel

    Eliza Pond, Chief Medical Officer

Additional notes:

Attachment A Original Complaint Form

NanoTrasen Inc.

Civilian Branch of Operation

Form 0110

Complaint Form

Facility: NSS Aurora

Date: 10.1.2457

Index: 001

Affected Person(s): Wesley Jesse

Offender(s): Chive, CMO; Loretto Kepplinger, Security Cadet

Type of Complaint: False arrest, infiltration, entry without warrant, exceeding official powers, slander.

Time of Incident: 1250


  • Chemist Wesley Jesse was performing his duties in the chemistry lab. He had reappropriated the Grenade Case from Medical Storage to the chemistry lab for safekeeping at approximately 1205. A significant amount of time later, CMO Chive barged into the lab, accusing the chemist of ordering illegal crates from cargo without paperwork. After having had it explained that the grenade components were in fact property of chemistry, the CMO called in security cadet Lorreto Kepplinger to the chemistry lab to apprehend Wesley Jesse for contraband and insulting a head of staff, after allowing the cadet to inspect and rifle through the lab. Wesley Jesse was promptly released from custody upon arrival at the brig.

Affected Person(s) Signature(s): Wesley Jesse

Witness’s Signature: ZAVI, AI

This paper has been stamped with the head of personnel's rubber stamp.

This paper has been stamped with the chief medical officer's rubber stamp.

((Chive is played by Cobracoco))

((Changeling Ms. Sigma as Loreto Kepplinger was Madpredar3 Actions we not related antagging as far as we know.))

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1. Thou shalt not have OOC discussion in an IC complaint. This is the most important one. IC complaints are IC complaints. I don't want to log in one morning to an IC complaint that has literally eleven posts of nothing but OOC discussion on why X, Y, and Z was done. If you try to have OOC discussion in an IC complaint, then it will be deleted from the thread as soon as either Doom or myself are able, and you will receive a warning on our forums. OOC comments will be deleted without notice.
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