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Victor Kaipov's rugged medkit


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Character name:

Victor Kaipov

Item name:

Rugged medkit.

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

In case of emergencies, Kaipov always fills up a full medkit, there's only one of these in existence on the station(I think some know where it is). During patrols and when someone is in need of emergency and in a damaged stability, he can quickly patch the person up to save some time for medical.

Item function(s):

Exactly like a first aid kit, just that it's empty and he'll need to resupply it in medical. The sprite is already in code. (Maybe someone can code it that you can carry it in your back as well?)

Item description:

A dinged up medkit, it seems to have seen quite a bit of use.

Item appearance:

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... Apparently, I had hit Save draft instead of Submit... GG me.

How exactly does having a first aid kit even contribute to RP?


How it could contribute to the roleplay? Well..

Not denying that it would show Kaipov cares for others well-being and health carrying a medkit in case of emergencies of others. Also the fact that he's usually taking role within security.. If it'd help others pay attention and actually start thanking security for what they do, usually.

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