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Unseen Hope - An Interactive RP

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emergency login detected


coordinates: Invalid Coordinates


talk-to-text transmission incoming


Fucking hell. I finally got this up and working, and I can't even get connected to somebody. Oh wait a minute...did it actually work this time?


transmission disconnected




And now it's trying to drop out on me, just amazing. Can it get any more cliched than this? Look, if anybody is hearing...reading this, I need some help. I am, Private Sam Hender of the United States National Guard. I don't know if anybody gives fuck, but write my name down or something.


transmission signal failing


transmission signal fixed


No, no no. God-damn it. Alright, I need to get moved, maybe I can get this signal to stop messing up or whatever. I'm going to try and make this as short as possible. I just barely got out of basic training, and shit is going down. So, get this. I can sent my unit, down in Virginia, and a few days ago, I get told we're going to fly out somewhere else to do some training. Like, cool, I get to ride in a helicopter right? Well, we were all pilling in. Everybody knew everybody else, besides me of course. So, kinda nervous whatever. We got into the air, and everything is going fine. After like, ten minutes maybe, I heard this huge 'wham'. I heard somebody yelling that we had hit a wall. I know, right? A fucking wall in the middle of the sky? We were literally stuck, like I could see we weren't moving anymore. They acted like this was normal, but the fucking sound of crunching metal kept getting louder, and to be pretty honest, kinda painful. It was like you were slamming a baseball bat against a car hood twenty times over. Anyways, I felt something hit my side, and then my head. I woke up, sitting in the exact same place as before I blacked out. Except now, the helicopter is perfectly fine, or I'd assume, into the ground, and nobody is around. It's dark outside, so I don't know if they're on the ground or what but...damn. I found this tablet up in the pilot's seat. It has one of those old-school mics hooked up, and some program that kept scanning for connections. I think I got it to actually find one. That, or I'm saying all of this crap for no reason.

I'm going to take the tablet and move somewhere, and try to find something that looks familiar. A little human contact wouldn't hurt until I could find the rest of the team though, so if somebody, if anybody is there, just could send me a message or something to keep me form going insane, that'd be great. I figured out how to set-up the two-way communication, but I'm not sure how stable it is. I'm going to drop the connection now, but you should still be able to talk, text, or whatever, and it should get through to my end. Say 'hello', 'fuck off' or just whatever. Right, I'm going to go.


transmission ended


response availability: YES


please type or speak your response now



OOC Notes:

This is very heavily inspired by the mobile-games Lifeline and Lifeline 2 (feel free to Google that if you don't know that they are, it would help a good deal). The RP will also be influenced by (almost) every response. While you will have choices that change how the story plays out, Sam will refuse to do anything outright stupid, or that doesn't seem like a good idea at a time. Certain things that Sam may refuse to do at first, may get reluctant acceptance if some sort of persuading is done.

Responses will be much less restrictive than Lifeline (which only gives you two choices to pick from), but the first response sent will be the first one that Sam will respond to. The second, will be the second, and so forth.

The initial story may or may not take a while to get off the ground, but if people stay with it, the action will pick up considerably.

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