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Public Service: On "NT Likes Me"

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

If I, or anyone else demotes you, and you utter the dark phrase "I'll just get my job back next shift because CC likes me." as a reason to act unaffected by a demotion or suspension, and additionally continue to fail to see why I or someone else demoted you in the first place, I'm going to make it my duty to have you demoted the moment you reenter my department. Every. Single. Time. Until you cry to Duty Officers about it and see just how much NT likes you.

Trivializing demotions and suspensions is infuriating. Calling my Head's guidelines "stupid" is a bad idea when all it is, is telling me who is entering my department whenever you brought someone in (if medical or security), and communicating. Cryoing with all your items out of spite after being demoted is a bad idea, but one that's rectified by me looting you before you're sucked into storage anyway. If you can't even follow extremely basic and trivial guidelines and act insulting and patronizing the moment you're called out then you have no business being in my department until your behavior improves.

Basically, if you pull the "I'll just get my job back because NT likes me" I will metagrudge you to hell until you decide to participate in the department properly and actually roleplay properly.

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if you pull the "I'll just get my job back because NT likes me"


As the Head Duty Officer, I would really like it for someone to put in an incident report that is this backwards, just so I can go through the whole investigation, follow every single procedure to the letter, and then go back to them with the results, and say. "No. We really, really, don't."

Our job would be much easier if there weren't a few stupid characters that don't have the brains they were born with.

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When small infractions are in question and when I think a permanent demotion is injustified, I make a point that they can appeal to have their role reinstated. Demotion is more like a punishment in this case, considering most heads of staff give them out like candy.

That said, I don't do that for people who prove to be complete retards and show disregard for protocol and regulations completely.

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Let's talk about players who balance themselves between mechanics and roleplay. They're good at security but you dislike him for his actions and he gets demoted. You dislike him because he disagreed with you in a couple of points, so, "muh feelingz, u disraspect me m8!!!11". You dislike him for not roleplaying enough, how you imagine he should, regardless how good he is mechanic wise.

Are you going to demote the specific player every time just because of that? Just make a damn incident report/character complaint about the player and fix the issue from there. I don't believe metagrudging like this warrants for someone to have a heads of staff whitelist, because now I believe you're about to make several departments run by players you like(i.e Josh and his mental problems character Winston Carton, getting HoS each round, regardless if he's getting evaluations or not, sorry if I offend Josh somehow.)

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Guest Menown
I will metagrudge you to hell


I mean, I get the point, but you should probably. Not, do this. Since, that's against the rules and what-not. Just do incident reports instead of domotions. DOs will handle it.

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I will metagrudge you to hell


I mean, I get the point, but you should probably.


Don't metagrudge

Also I like this but I also don't like it in the way that many demotions are based on how the heads want their departments to be, and there are lots of different heads with different ideas of the perfect department.

Basically, it's chill as long as you don't try to metagrudgingly influence your own idea of an ideal crew into the other departments by demoting anyone who says "HMPH NO I DON'T LIKE YOU"

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Well the first thing I'm noticing here is the implication that you'd meta-grudge for actions that could be complete in-character, given that people who go against the guidelines set and generally disapprove of such things 'do' exist. Whipping out the meta-grudge on something like that is just not cool, no matter how angry it gets you.

That all aside, I'm not saying that you shouldn't have guidelines set in place at all or that people who're being terri-bad shouldn't be demoted. But I do think that Head's (Or players for that matter) expectations out of their departments can be a bit exaggerated at times and end up either hindering the department by doing "So-and-so" or just sowing discontent against that head within the department. It's not bad to have some expectations, but it does create an issue when the expectation is...

Clashes of Role play, issues with people not doing what you ask, and challenges are a big thing with what HRP is made up of, and it should be expected.

As far as "NT likes me goes"...

That'd be a first for me to hear, and that's hilarious. But I understand the trivialization of some demotions especially in circumstances of stepping down from something or an overly harsh punishment. There are something that can be said here and there that make the scars not so permanent. But if it's so bad that they do horrible things time and time again and keep coming back on as this role, then it doesn't sound like a bad idea to make a Character Complaint or something instead. Gets more things done, and there's less grudge involved that everyone agrees is garbage and makes everyone have bad times.

EDIT: Oh! Forgot to add. The expectation isn't just exclusive to the character. Player expectations for other people's role play can get bad. Sometimes people just ignore people who aren't as 'good' at role playing, and that just makes people feel bad too. The more you know~!

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Here's an idea.

Use the complaint boards so that this passive-aggressive shit doesn't fester within people. If you have a legitimate problem, complain about it.

Seriously, nobody's gonna think you of you less for it, and if somebody does, they have bigger problems on their plate than 2d spacemans.

I mean, it's honestly kinda shocking you guys have FIVE different subforums for complaining about shit and nothing dedicated to being positive around here.

You guys need to cheer the fuck up.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix
Okay, Jackboot.

I have to ask, is this thread related to that Skrell doctor not following Nioathi's (you DO play Nioathi right?) procedures and quitting on the spot?

ANYHOO yeah no, NT doesn't like anyone. And if they do, it's most likely to be the Heads they promoted in the first place.


Sort of! This kind of behaviour is also 30% of who I deal with as HoP. It's so much more fun to get it as Houssam because I can demote them on the spot or spray a continuous stream of mace into their eyeballs.

I don't demote people because I don't like them. All of my command characters are professional enough to work cordially (more or less) with people they dislike. Because this isn't highschool where I act like a huge cock and make myself look bad by giving the cold shoulder or something.

I set in stone very early on very simple guidelines for the department. I can literally list all of them in under three sentences.


  • Tell me when anyone enters medical, invited or a patient.
  • If you print a body scan (and you should every time you spot something that brings health under 100%), label the paper with the patient's name and stuff it in the filing cabinet when you/the surgeon is done with it.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate.


Echo, the medical intern, did all of this without a hitch. The medical borg did this without a hitch. People do all of this completely without problem because it's literally what you expect people to do, right? Is this really something you can call idiotic so you can ignore the medical radio channel completely and sit at the front desk inviting in random people to chat with by the scanners? Am I an unreasonable CMO?

In this specific scenario, an EMT kept irritating people by freaking out about unknowns on the medical console and didn't understand my multiple explanations to her, but at least she was trying and it was to my IC and OOC understanding a problem of genuine ignorance and not blatant bad intentions. So she kept her job because a learning experience isn't something where you can learn to do better by being demoted.


  • If you're cargo, use the request console to fax me (HoP office) stamped requests and then later their manifests.
  • Eatery staff don't put funds from charging for food and drink directly into their account.


That's literally it. I still have cargo staff who throw a fit, but otherwise the civilian department is the easiest thing in the world because you can be completely autonomous.

I've never demoted someone for disagreeing with my Command character. It's not about hurting anyone's feelings. Both of my career command characters (Houssam, and now Nioathi) consider these rules so simple to follow that if you get so offended that you insult them, you obviously can't handle the department. It's the question of how you disagree and how you act when you are confronted for failing to uphold expectations. If you are rude, claim nepotism is why you have your job, and then personally insult your supervisor, you're getting the boot. I know this is a game, so my expectations are very lax. But I mean come on they're still there because this is a roleplaying game and you're expected to not call your boss an idiot directly to his face.

Is that so reasonable? Am I allowed to expect something out of my department's workers? I go out of my way to help them out when I am able, but not every department can be like engineering and be completely individually autonomous. (It's like a communist utopia down there seriously)

Metagrudging may be a bad word. A better word might be "I dislike your problem character so much OOC because I don't expect you to do anything to improve other people's fun, and I'm not going to let you foster IC problems."

This is a social game, and a roleplaying one where consistency is important. The overall reputation of a character rolls over between rounds even if specific things such as suspensions and demotions are temporary, or voided or whatever. If you're an absolute problem character, I'm going to IC'ly remember you as a problem character and have zero patience for your typical behavior. If they improve, wonderful! I'm always really glad to see improvement. I used to feel this exact same thing for Phoebe "I'll cut you" Essel and she changed just enough for me to be happy to have her in my department at the time.

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Ok, um....I - I feel like I should post something. Buuuut....I really don't wanna get involved in the drama...

I'm playing Echo, and while I did arrive late, I saw a glimpse of what happened. I honestly, truthfully, sincerely believe that what occurred is the same as what I stated ICly: There was a strong misunderstanding, that escalated rapidly.

On one side, Jackboot, you are correct. You demoted someone who refused to listen to your simple guidelines. And on the flipside, you kicked out a capable doctor who was in the middle of treating a patient. To the doctor, insult was added to injury when you ordered the nurse (either me or her, was not stated) to clean up medbay. Salt on the wound. From respectable doctor to picking up cigar butts off the floor? Anyone with self-pride would cryo after that. I felt so sorry for whoever was playing as the Skrell, and went to talk to them before they headed to cryo.

The doctor was a Skrell: Skrells are very proud IIRC. You played Unathi. You demanded unquestionable respect due to eldership. That just clashed. And Echo? She's an IPC who is literally programmed to do what she does. And the android? Well, it's lawed. We're all just playing out our characters here. No OOCly disrespect.

I know medbay isn't run like engiebay, but if a Head takes the time to give some one-on-one chat to re-establish their authority while still garnering respect to both sides, it'll go a long way. And yeah. Engiebay is communist Utopia, we're best department. That Skrell? I would have loved to have her work in my team, no sweat..

I'm am not saying one side is more wrong than the other. I am saying that there was a strong lack of intended dialogue on both sides and it escalated very quickly.

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Yo Jack, for the record - I know everyone else did it because I was the mediborg XD (Well, to an extent - I wasn't sure I followed quite entirely, because of how Nioathi sees machines IC - but I'm glad I was satisfactory)

But yeah no - I'm glad to have both sides of the story, because I was going to just fully agree with Jackboot there - I legit didn't understand why the hell the Skrell was so pouty.

((Also, OOC note: I technically followed the things not because I was programmed to, but because the AI told me to. The borg I played was TECHNICALLY not rated for that much organic interaction - and I tried to make it grating because of it - and it was DEFINITELY not rated for medical :P))

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