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Add back the gas canisters to Cargo's orderable items


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Now, I'm sure there's a reason for why it was disabled, but still:

Add back the various canisters (CO2, N2O, N2, Plasma) in the list of items that can be ordered from Cargo. Possibly add a cargo points value for the container too (that is less than the cost to order it) so that we actually have a place to dispose of them.

The reason for that being that Toxins has a tendency to use up a LOT of gas. It's a pain to try and save up, and when they run out of gas, they can't do much anymore.

Then again, it could also easily be used to make some emergency rooms or restock Atmos and all of these other uses - but admittedly that's pretty secondary.


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Meteors have been known to punch through the walls of the main tanks, venting all 50 000 tons of oxygen into space in like two ticks.

Of course, being able to order canisters from cargo won't really mitigate that all that much, as refilling the main tanks from the portable canisters would take about eighty canisters for most gasses, except Toxins where I think it would take somewhere around three hundred.

Seriously, we have an immense amount of toxins. It's hilarious.

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So you're telling me that we can make canisters and ask Atmos to refill them for us?


Yeah you can, I've done it once or twice when a scientist bothers to come ask. You just bring the canister over that you make, or any empty ones and we can fill it right back up relatively quickly.

And like Jack said we have a stupid amount of toxins just sitting there in the big storage tank.

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