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Wizard Clothes


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This is an issue that I've been mulling over for quite some time, and while I've thought of many solutions, the one I propose is the simplest and cleanest to facilitate.

The primary mechanic of wizards is that they need special wizard clothes to cast many of their spells. Without their special clothes, they are severely nerfed.

However, this present a severe roleplay drawback, and that is that pretty much all of the wizard clothes are built with one specific purpose - to replicate the traditional medieval fantasy fireball flinging fanatic (say that four times fast). In my mind this severely hampers the roleplay a wizard can pull of because it is very distinct, meaning that the clothing and the wizard's roleplay doesn't really correspond unless they are roleplaying a fantasy wizard. The least offensive is the psi-robe, and thus it tends to be the most used.

My proposed fix:

Keep wizard clothes as a mechanic, but add the unique feature of them acting like changeling clothes (The type that traitors get). If they want to act as a fantasy wizard, good for them. Just set the specifics to match. If they want to try something else, set it as needed.

If necessary, it could also be made so that the clothes can only change in the wizard's tower (Much like how the spellbook works.)

This keeps the central mechanic of the wizard, but gives them more diversity in what they can roleplay as.

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I love this. Plus it opens so many roleplay possibilities - while the official lore is that wizards are a group with highly advanced tech, I've seen people roleplay so many different things, from a retired captain from the future trying to help Aurora by selling wares until he gets pissed off, to a lost wanderer, to a trickster demigod, to an unemployed ex-birthday-entertainer that got lost on the way to the bar because they tried teleporting there. With actual clothing, we could go beyond that and say that they're from different stations which focus on different kind of research, or from different worlds in the multiverse and the shuttle got lost during bluespace transfer, and so on.


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