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Slight modifcation to hardsuits


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Just a suggestion that'll pretty much make breath masks useless for anyone with hardsuits. Port the code from BS-12 that allows individuals in voidsuits (Not BS-12's computerized RIGS) to breath from the O2 tank they insert into their suit-slots without a mask. After-all it IS an airtight suit, why would you need a mask?

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Because as it happens, voidsuits are meant to keep pressure only.

The way I see it, the only suit which should allow that is the actual space suit - otherwise, the way I understand it, the voidsuits (both softsuits and hardsuits) keep positive pressure not by gas, but by actual construction methods (like the NASA is trying to do). So it's not an inflated suit - it's a body-right reinforced garment. And that would be why the mask is necessary.

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Because as it happens, voidsuits are meant to keep pressure only.



I'm referring to the BS-12 voidsuits, which are pretty-much their versions of our hardsuits (Because the things they call hardsuits are the computerized suits with plasma-welders, RCDs and other cool shit built in that only the CE, ERT, Syndies and Mining gets). They're essentially our engineering hardsuits, atmos hardsuit, sec hardsuits, medical hardsuits, they work as normal spacesuits too.


it's a body-right reinforced garment. And that would be why the mask is necessary.

There's -two- types of pressure maintenance on space-suits. One is gas-pressure suits which is how NASA and everyone else does it currently, and there's mechanical-pressure suits which are the clingy skin-tight suits seen in 1960's sci-fi and that one NASA experiment that never panned out into anything. So, since you're obviously going the "MUH SCIENCE" way about it, mechanical pressure suits are useless. They're EXTREMELY uncomfortable (That being one of many, many reasons that the project researching them was abandoned.) I'd imagine that the current space-suits/hardsuits are an evolution of the current gas-pressure type suits, given that people can y'know...stand to wear them for more than five minutes, that you can wear shoes/clothing below them, in addition to the fact that even with the new "Biosuit" attempt at mechanical pressure suit, that precise movements in areas with lots of tiny bones is nigh-impossible simply due to how the suit works, which is problematic to expect out of engineering and atmospherics hardsuits where that is a critical flaw

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Yes - but it doesn't need to be pressurized with breathable air, only gas to avoid major eye and skin problems. Such a suit's helmet would be pressurized with the out-breathing of the person. For reference (I could be completely wrong, but this is how I see it - any loreperson feel free to correct me), this would be the cycle taken by air in a voidsuit:


Because remember, it's not a suit air recycler - there's a net input of gas, from the tank, and a net output of breathed air through controlled vents. It's easier to have a mouthpiece pressurized (at 24kPa, reminder) than a whole helmet.

And last, mechanical pressure suits last I checked were NOT abandoned - MIT is still actively researching the Biosuit - the latest revisions have not a difficulty with comfort (which is less of an issue because gas-pressurized suits are HEAVY and unwieldy - I'm 90% certain they cannot use a normal screwdriver with one on) - it's maintaining proper pressure and the complex joints like the hands (which for now use a slightly larger, gas-inflated gloves that are still nothing like the suit tech that, I remind you, has been first designed in the 50s - they are still a lot thinner. In 2015. Since it is a lot lighter and a lot more agile, I can see it becoming the viable space suit of 2457.

But I'm going to pull out of this thread.


since you're obviously going the "MUH SCIENCE"


If you're going to antagonize me with such petty comments, I see no reason to stay. I still completely disapprove of this idea.

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Let's not forget that Oxygen is also a very flammable gas, so perhaps filling a whole mask with it could be considered a safety hazard.

Furthermore, as with pilot helmets - in extreme G forces gas gets displaced to the back of the helmet, which can result in suffocation, that's why pilot helmets also come with a built-in mask. It's not inconceivable to assume that the people who work in voidsuits might be exposed to such forces when traveling on shuttles or escape pods.

Killerhurtz only tried sharing his personal views with you regarding the suits, not force them upon you (Hence the beginning of his statement: "The way I see it"). This is the wonderful thing about roleplaying: We all get to fancy how we imagine stuff works when it comes to the finer detail.

All in all I could accept this idea as reasonable, but I'm going to stand by Killerhurtz and disapprove this for now. You can't expect your own ideas to be respected and considered if you don't take the time to at least acknowledge another person's point of view.

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I mean with proper effects it can work well

like smoking in a hardsuit will eventually pollute your air supply as oxygen is replaced by smoke and then you can suffocate even with a full air tank


That's one way to make it work. I just don't think we should ignore the idea of adding something because "X might happen...maybe"

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MAJOR modification I want to hardsuits is click-drag to hand to unequip

I don't know how many times i've killed my self in space over the years by clicking a hardsuit and removing it by accident

Yes, please.

Also, alternative suggestion: Make the masks an integral part of the hardsuit helmet, like you can already attach and remove them to be part of the suit. For me, having to rummage through my backpack or EVA for a breathing mask when I already have the whole suit is very annoying.

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